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Smolov Questions

Dear T Nation,

I have recently completed my Smolov Mesocycle with very nice results, an increase of 65 pounds. I did take off 10% of my 1RM at the beginning of the Mesocycle as recommended which I am glad I did.

My questions:

  1. What numbers should I use for the Intense Cycle? I hit a grindy max which was quite hard, should I decrease the weight a bit to an attempt that was somewhat grindy but still quick, the last thing I want to do is get to the end of the Intense Cycle and not hit sets or reps

  2. I also hit my 1RM in knee wraps. I know many have recommended equipment for the Intense Cycle but since my max was hit in wraps should I use wraps on all of my sets in the Intense cycle or just when things are getting rough?

I am really looking forwrard to responses and thank you in advance!

Holy Smokes! A 65 pound PR in 3 weeks?!?!

That is just insane - good job there mate!

That’s incredible progress. I’d do a conventional program(5/3/1 etc) for a couple of months then go back and do another mesocycle.