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Smolov Program (Powerlifting)

I am currently bodybuilding and have been for a while thinking of switching to powerlifting because I want to get stronger and maybe even do powerlifting meets in the future and just like powerlifting more.
I was researching programs for powerlifting and ran into the smolov powerlifting program for squatting and bench press.
I am 5"10
Squat is 180KG 1RM
Deadlift is 200KG 1RM
Bench is 140KG 1RM
Body weight is 104KG
I am thinking about starting the smolov jr program for bench press. How long should I do this program for? and how do I get started on it ? Also what program would be suited towards deadlifting? Thanks.

Smolov is a bad idea, most people burn out or get injured. For every success story there are ten who didn’t make it. If you are used to high volume and either just started taking steroids or are drastically increasing your dosage then it might work for you, but you could probably get better results with something else still.

From what I’ve seen, Smolov hasn’t produced a single champion in any sport. I would not follow his programs. There are many other coaches out there with verifiable track records putting together solid programs.

The high volume russian/bulgarian/chines stuff was/is implemented in the confines of a state run system of highly selected lifters who were weeded out on their way up the ladder. The lifetrs you see at the elite level are the VERY FEW who did not burn out or get fucked up. Run away.