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Smolov problem

I started also ing smolov again after making good gains on the first one. I need to get my squat up for football and I’ve been doing other exercises as well with it. So this Is the problem l. I started the first week of the base cycle. I did Mondays then at school the next day our strenght and conditioning coach let us have an do whatever you want in the gym day so I did some box squats and deadlifts.

Then Wednesday we I did it then Thursday we had a mile run and I noticed my knee was getting tight. I blew it of then went in the gym to do some hamstring curls and glute bridges with weights then Friday I felt the tightness in my knee all day trying to stecth it out. I tried to do the 7*5 but I only got to the 4 th set because my knee was wobbling and i felt like I could feel a bone or something when I squated.

What should I do? Should I skip the Friday and sat and rest up and move to the next week on smolov since I’ve already given my legs a pounding this week or what? I’ve been doing extra leg work since I’m not up ther physically with the elite and I got a lot of work to do so I can’t stop .

I’m a big fan of Smolov as a program, but its a peaking program specifically for powerlifting. I’m not sure its the best program to make you stronger for next football season. Also, you are not supposed to be doing much of anything else physically while you run it. When I hear “deadlift” and “had to run a mile” in the same sentence with Smolov base I hear injury waiting to happen.

Also, if you are already injured, I’d stop the program and get healed up before running it again when you are healthy and don’t have anything else going on.

That sounds like an injury waiting the happen when you squat. You only did two days of smolov, and you’re asking if you should go to the second week when you sound like your knee is injured, or at least at high risk of an injury. I would stop squatting for a few days, go to a sports doctor to get that knee checked out, then try again when you are healthy and can devote four weeks to eating and squatting.

STOP!!! My squat is absolute shit (225) so I went through Smolov and kept at it 4x a week even when my knees started hurting. The pain got so bad that they would ache all day every day. I took a month off squatting and just got back to it, but I still have some pain and instability in my left knee. My numbers are back where they started, but I know they’ll increase steadily now that I’m spending time on mobility and form as well. I’ve been back squatting and/or front squatting 2-4x a week now, but I base it on how I’m recovering and not some program. Smolov might work, but it’s completely counterproductive if you force it and get injured.