Smolov Numbers

So I was reading over one of the smolov results forum and I noticed something. One of the posts mentions adding another 5kg during the 3rd week. Then I realized I had added (70% + 10kg )+15kg instead for 4x9 night. Finished the workout but was the toughest so far guess I see why now haha. A question though, should I fix the numbers I have written out or attempt to finish the week out? If I go with the correct numbers for instance, my 5x7 day which is tommorow will be 5 lbs lighter than the 4x9 I already completed this week.

This is what I have written down for this week:
4x9 230
5x7 245
7x5 260
10x3 270

My max before smolov was 260.

The correct schedule would be

5x7 225
7x5 240
10x3 250
I most likely will have off work for the next two weeks as well which would help if I decide to go with what I have written down but would like to hear what you guys think.
Sorry for the long post and thank you.

Just follow the Smolov program as is. Second week you add 10kg. Third week another 5kg to the work sets.