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Smolov Neuro Adaption Article. Volume for the Other Lifts

Hey Coach, just read your newest blog on Thibarmy. The idea of focusing on a lift at a time is very appealing.
Im a type 1A. I have 2 initial questions.

  1. For my type, how often should I cycle through the 3week blocks. Example, do 6 Weeks (2, 3 week cycles) for squats. Then do cycle/s for the press.
    Would I be better of focusing on lifts 3 weeks at a time or for longer?

  2. How would you suggest a 1A train everything else in a 6 day routine?
    My first thought was. Let’s say I’m focusing on the squat. The other 2 days per week I would do a push and a pull (rows, pushpress one day, SGHP, Bench the other day) while my squat days would be Squat only. Maybe some Dips and Chins chucked in there. But even then how much volume would I want?

I know that’s a lot in a few questions. Looking forward to your response. Happy new year!

In the article I use 4 week blocks. 1A can do 1 or 2 cycles as they don’t need as much variation as the 1B and 2A. But I would likely stick to one 4 week block.

If you do the high pull I would recommend from blocks to minimize lower body and lower back stress as these will already be challenged a lot from the 4 squat sessions

3 exercises per workout for 3-4 work sets of AT THE MOST 6 reps per set, likely lower.

Is this for squat and nonsquat days? If squat days that means 2 additional movements? How would you suggest pairing for each specialization block? What would you suggest to pair with the Squat, press, Bench and DL? As I’ll likely try cycling through all my lifts. Seeing where I am afterwards and see which lifts where effected the most. Thanks for the reply Coach l

Asked another way. Would you pair with assistance on the 4 squatting day? Ex. Lunges, leg presses, and core, etc. Or do upper body to decompress the spine and give the back and legs a break? Like loaded Dips and Chins.

Smolov is very taxing you should not deadlift and I would be cautious about any kind of additional volume to the lower body. I think CT is talking about upper body. Your neurotype is indeed sensitive to volume. Personally I won’t do any lower body work other than the squat

I would do 1 other lower body lift, fixing a weakness in your squat, and 1 upper body lift

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Thank you Coach,
A final question if I could. How would I go about doing smolov on an upper body lift? Let’s say I’m doing smolov on the bench. Would I do a bench assistance + a pull, then work the lower body on the 2 non smolov days? Or do Bench assistance + a lower body, then have the 2 non smolov days be for pulling?