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Smolov Jr


I am on my second week of the work out. I downloaded the excel spread sheet that someone posted on this site. Entered 250 as my 1RM.

My first week was

Sun:175 6x6
Tue:190 7x5
Thu:200 8x4
Fri:215 10x3

I felt like my form wasn't horrible. But I have a ways to go. I decide to post the start of the second week because I am very sore. And it's easy to have good form when fresh, the challenge is to maintain when sore.

This video is 185 6x6 on the second set.

I warmed up with seven reps of just the bar. Then 135x8 and 155x5

It was hard for me to go deep without shifting some of my weight to the front of my feet. It wasn't so bad my heels were coming up or anything. But it was something I noticed. Any tips? Most of the soreness was in my hips.

Sorry for the horrible quality. I have the Iphone 4 with 8 pix camera. Thought it would be better.

I just propped the camera up and shot it. I don't like the guys you hear rambling on in the back ground about football, so I didn't ask because I didn't want to open doors for conversation.

Thank you.


take a video farther back that also shows the bottom of the squat. can't tell if you get to parallel or not.

it's good that you're noticing subtle cues like a weight shift. this points to a weakness that can be strengthened through training and/or improving your flexibility.

what's your warmup like before you actually get under the bar?