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Smolov Jr.

Hello everyone I’m doing the Smolov Jr. cycle and am currently in the seconds week of it and it’s been going very well. I have a problem though. Because of a vacation on July 9th I won’t be able to complete the final day. Will this affect the gains at all? I’m not sure if it will or will not but I just wanted to get other peoples input on it. My other problem is that I won’t be able to do any barbell lifting at all for a week after the completion of the Smolov Jr. Cycle. Will this benefit me by letting me recover fully and come back completely rested? Or will it possibly harm the potential gains? Thanks for the help

I’m assuming you’re doing Smolov Jr. for bench, right? For your last week, I might bump your workouts up by one and skip the first one of the week instead of the last. Also, I would say you would want to take a week off after doing the cycle. Both times I’ve done it, my shoulders have needed the rest.