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Smolov Jr Squat Predictions?


After a very successful Smolovjr(225->264lbs) for bench before christmas I decided to run a Smolov jr for squat after NYE. Well I have my last day on Saturday and will perform 3 plates 10x3 WITHOUT a belt.

My old rm was 352lbs with belt. What can I expect as new RM with belt after this cycle. Im really hoping to hit 4 plates but well see.


Ιt will be up.That’s all we can say for sure.But why bother with a routine like smolov at such an early stage of your lifting career?


well its only 3 weeks and its only Smolov JR. And Im not experiencing any issues squatting 4 times per week with the current volume so I dont feel its any difference than doing squats like 3 times a week with 5x5 o/w.

EDIT: I think Id be more busted doing 5x5 with 286 for 3 weeks than smolov imho.


That makes sense.For some weird reason I thought smolov jr was longer
And to be honest I hate 5x5 for anyone else than a total beginner


Well did 140kg 10x3 beltless. Heavy as fuk lol. Im excited for my 1rm now. Im pretty sure 170kg will go with belt and hope to hit 180kg.


Well did my maxout today and I set a new pr @ 374(170kg)

missed out hard on 400(180kg). But still a 22(10kg) increase.

I think ive might have rushed it, and shouldve waited maybe 1 or 2 more days, but I just wanted to do it today lol.

oh well guess my 4 plates will wait a few more months