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Smolov Jr - Squat & Bench Together


I am in the process of doing both bench and squat running the Smolov Jr program. I just started my third week and checked my 1RM on both lifts AFTER my first workout in the third week. I lift squats before bench.

Squat is up 40 lbs (315 to 355) and bench is up 20 lbs (245 to 265). Surprising results to say the least. One big factor (besides the program) was the change in my diet. I have always been cautious of caloric excess but decided to try it when I started this program. I have consumed 3000-5000 cals per day since starting the program. Frankly, I donâ??t know which factor (diet or program) had a bigger impact on my success.

I will return to 5/3/1 after my last Smolov week.


Why didn’t you just follow the program?