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Smolov Jr. Squat and Conditioning

I just completed Smolov Jr. and brought my squat from 365 to 405. I really enjoyed the program (and the results) and want to run another cycle to bring me closer to my goal of a 500 squat. The only problem is, I would like to improve my conditioning since I feel like a pathetic out of shape old man.

Have any of you guys conditioned concurrently with smolov jr? If so, when and what type of conditioning? I am usually baked after squatting and want to use my ‘off’ days to recover/maintain upper body lifts. So here are my options:

A) Nut up, run the program, and squat/condition on the same day
B) Run the program, ditch conditioning, and focus on getting my squat numbers up
C) Run a milder program (ex. 5/3/1) for maintenance, work on conditioning, return to smolov later (a couple of months)

The smolov jr. and the original smolov are usually just used as peaking programs. Not many people can do cycle after cycle of it without burning out.