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Smolov Jr Form Check


I am on my second week of the work out. I downloaded the excel spread sheet that someone posted on this site. Entered 250 as my 1RM.

My first week was

Sun:175 6x6
Tue:190 7x5
Thu:200 8x4
Fri:215 10x3

I felt like my form wasn't horrible. But I have a ways to go. I decide to post the second week because I am very sore. And it's easy to have good form when fresh, the challenge is to maintain when sore.

This video is 200 7x5 on the second set.

I warmed up with seven reps of just the bar. Then 135x8 and 155x5

It was hard for me to go deep without shifting some of my weight to the front of my feet. It wasn't so bad my heels were coming up or anything. But it was something I noticed. Any tips? Most of the soreness was in my hips.

Thank you.


Form looked pretty good, but it's hard to watch these sideways.

I watched the video before reading your post. My first thought, "his weight is too far forward, his heals are coming up." Try and focus in keeping the weight on your heals more.

As for the soreness, it may just be due to squatting more. Do you have a foam roller? If so use it. If not, roll a tennis ball around on your hip, also try lying on it and rolling over it. This should hurt. Also warm up more with things like leg swings, step-ups, whatever. Also maybe add in a couple more quick warm ups, keep them light.

Last thing that really works for me is using a mini band to do leg abducton (forcing your legs open... think the good girl/bad girl machine, but with a band)

Good luck with Smolov Jr. I like it as a quick stimulus program to get you used to more volume.


Smolov routines really shouldn't be used when your max is under 400. You are supposed to jump 20/30 pounds in the next 2 weeks and these jumps are in fact extremely important! I am betting 245 10x3 will be impossible for you in week 3...

That being said... The squat looks excellent apart from the fact that you are squatting from your toes. Like the guy said before me, try to keep the heels down. This is mroe than likely due to a flexibility issue so stretch out dem calves etc...


my only advice to you is to do base smolov after this and then on to full smolov.


Thanks for the support and tips. I've never heard of there being a set weight max for the smolov program. That doesn't make a lot of sense to me honestly. As long as a person doesn't go beyond their means, with proper form and overall safety it should produce good gains for just about any level.

I do want to pay more attention to my pre work out warm ups. The same for after my work out. I could do better at streching before and after.

Thanks for the replies. Any additional tips or information would be great.


How wide are you squatting? Post a vid from the front or back as well.

You are letting your knees drift way too far forward. Sit back more or work on loosening up those calves, like others have said


My knees used to float out too far similar to that, the cue that got me to fix that was: Make your first movement sitting back/sticking your ass out, as opposed to bending at the knees.


I think your feet might be turned outwards a bit too much, causing your heels to come up.


I do keep my feet out quit a bit. I got in a habit of that from reading Starting Strength and Rippetoe seemed to stress that.


Yea and even if you dont go all the way in like the video, I think a bit more inwards would help, and would help not only with the heels coming up but your knees traveling forward.
And on another note, smolov is a perfectly fine program for you to be doing now. Good luck.