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Smolov Jr for Bench


I was doing 5/3/1 for about a year or so. But i recently came across the Smolov squat routine and the smolov jr. routine that has been used for squat, bench or deadlift. So i have decided to try it out for bench.

bench-275(starting max)
day 1 (70 percent)

50 pullups
50 dips

comments- was unsure what to do besides the bench workout, i wasn't sure if you do any assistnace work or not so i decided to just do bodyweight exercises since i can recover quite quickily from them.


im thinking of running a smolov jr in the near future, ill be following this


today's a day off but just wanted to write on here to say i am pretty dam sore hope i'll be able to get the required reps/sets tommorrow. Ive been downing protein all day. I just started the paleo diet which mainly is meat, seafood, veggies and fruits, no dairy or grains. the only thing is i am still drinking protein shakes on this diet.


pullups and dips- a bunch

pullups-a bunch

comments- was very sore on sunday for the 205 but put it up easy, wasn't sore at all yesterday but 220 moved quite slow on the last 4 sets and my shoulder didnt feel awesome during it.


i started to do the 4th day a couple days ago and my shoulder felt awful after 3 sets of 235 so i decided the smart thing to do would be not to injure my shoulder by continuing to train that heavy that often so i have given up on the smolov routine for now. i will try it again in the future just not til i am more advanced and my shoulders are stronger.