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Smolov Jr. Deadlifts/Bench?

Alrighty so I was lookin around, stumbled upon the smolov jr template. I was wondering if, in anyones opinion, it would be effective to do the program with deadlifts in the AM and bench in the PM on the same days. Think it would be too taxing to train that way?

It can be done. Success will depend on a series of physiological factors (CNS overload, recovery, AA’s, …), your strength training experience, … Only you can answer that question.

If you have never experienced with high volume, high intensity russian training, stick to one or the other. My preference goes to deadlift. You could eventually add some Bench Pressing in a 54321 fashion, and some front squat to avoid lower back overload, sets of 6-8, both exercises 1-2/week.

well I did em both today. back to back. I did the bench first and deadlifts after. definitely felt it at set 3 of deads. ima see how things shake out with this program.

I think it will be too hard to do smolov jr. for the deadlift. Would be cool if you prove me wrong though, for the bench I think it’s a sound program that I know some people use with great success.