Smolov Jr. Bench Program

Started the three-week Smolov program for bench press today (4/10). I did my main sets and am experimenting with secondary and accessory work. Here was today’s workout:

Bench press: 70% (180 pounds) for 6x6
OHP: about 70% for 5x5
Weighted Pull-ups: 20x5x5
Standing DB Tricep Extension: 20x3x15
Band Face-Pulls: 3x15
Hanging Knee Raise: 3x10
Plank: 3x1 minute

Thoughts and experiences are welcome in regard to Smolov Jr!

FYI, I’m 20 years old, 5’9’’ and 161 pounds and my max bench to date is 255.

Today (4/11) was legs and back training.

Note that I’m nursing a lower back injury. It wasn’t exactly diagnosed but my physical therapist said I have muscular adhesions in my lower back and strained ligaments from deadlifting too heavy too frequently (I can talk about what I did if anybody is interested),

Back squat: 165x5x5
Leg Press: 3 plates/side x3x14 supersetted w/ (#teamno)calf raises 3x10
Barbell rear lunge: 70x3x10
Goblet squat: 45x4x12
Elevated wide-grip row (plate-loaded): 70x4x10
Dumbbell shrug: 55x4x10

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I haven’t done the program, but it could be an idea to keep the “posture exercises” like pull ups and face pulls, but ditch the triceps and shoulder exercises and save your recovery for bench. You might be able to get away with it the first week or so, but remeber as you add weight, you’ll be benching pretty heavy 4X a week. But some lighter work might be benefical as long as it dosen’t tap into your benching recovery.

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