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Smolov Jr and Hepburn Spreadsheets


Been doing 5/3/1 for a while now and felt like I needed a bit of a change to keep things fresh... so after Easter I'm Planning on on running a cycle of Smolov Jr for bench and Squat and and then switch to Hepburn program A. I made some spreadsheets for my self and thought I would post them in case anyone else was interested in a copy. They look a little off in google docs but look ok if you download them as an excel file.

Smolov JR.

Hepburn A


Thanks for the spreadsheets - I've been looking for the Hepburn one for a while.

Little heads up, you put the wrong links underneath each programme haha.

Thanks again.


thanks :wink:


Quick question, what is Hepburn?


5/3/1 is the best program ever but you can also do smolov jr on monday and hepburn on wednesday, with block periodization on friday. If you have alot of energy you can do bulgarian program on saturday as well.


sounds decent :wink:


Powerlifter from the 50's.

Here's a link to the program off powerlifting watch:



Great program



Do you live in Calgary there are a few crews around


No im in Red deer.


Thanks for making these but a quick note on the Hepburn sheet: the "A" program is the singles program as far as I can remember. You have the "B" programmed into the sheets (i.e. working from 8 doubles to 8 triples) but list it as the "A" program. In either case, the starting weight is too low, IMO.

These things vary from lifter to lifter but even the "B" program suggests starting the 8 doubles routine with your 5RM. My 5RM is around 87-88% so 80% isn't TOO conservative, but 80% for the "A" program is way, way too low. "A" program suggests your 3RM, "B" suggests 5RM and "C" suggests (unofficially) your 8RM.

Thanks for posting!


KRC thanks for your reply, I don't know much about the hepbern progrmas as i havnt run it as of yet. I got the program off the powerlifting watch website at http://www.powerliftingwatch.com/files/The%20Doug%20Hepburn%20Method.pdf

It calls the program "A" and uses doubles turning to triples as the month progresses and starting at 80% of your max or 8 rep max. I haven't looked around to see if there are different variants of it though. I'm going to give this one a run after smolov jr and see how it goes. If you have a link for the other program that your speaking of if you wouldnt mind sending it to me i would like to have a look.




He was supposedly the first man to bench 500.


Sure thing. Not sure how to link to individual posts so here's explanation of the differences between the A, B and C programs from this thread (http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding_article/hepburn_solution_for_strength_and_power_1?id=2268213&pageNo=1):

I'm pretty sure that Mahler's article (that that thread is a response to) differentiates between the singles and the doubles to triples routine, though like much that came from from this era of strength training, a lot comes from hearsay, word of mouth, interviews, etc.

Here's the link to Hepburn's book:


Haven't read it in a while and to be honest I'm not sure the A routine is even mentioned in there, lol.

Anyways thanks again.


I’M BRINGING SEXY BACK. Revitalizing this thread I guess you could say. Not sure if your still around.
Was there an updated spreadsheet somewhere hidden in dungeons?
Is this current spreadsheet even viable?
I am doing Beyond 531 and was considering doing
3 weeks 531, add the 10lbs to lower lifts, 5lbs to upper
then put those numbers in the hepburn spreadsheet, and
use the first month of the spreadsheet.
Then add weights to upper and lower, and do another 3 weeks 531
Back and forth.
Deload in there somewhere.