Smolov for Front Squat

I’m currently starting Smolov for front squats. I’m two days in, doing the intro cycle, as I’ve not squatted much in the past few months due to getting sick/overtraining. Currently the front squat max I’m working with is 185lbs, done at 195 bodyweight, I’m 189 right now. The 185 was done when I was sort of sick, and doing an idiotic low carb/high fat sorta diet which is not conducive to strength gains. I think I have fairly good length strength naturally, I sumo deadlifted 355 last spring or winter, and I wide stance parallel squatted 275x5. Olympic depth backsquat I did 235x2 box squatting off like 2 aerobic stepper plates. However, the leg strength to upper body strength ratio is lacking a lot. My best bench is like 135, my overhead press is either 110 or 115 currently.

My plan is to do Smolov all the way through with front squats, and use the same rep scheme for my overhead press. I know the arguments for the carryover to the press for Olympic lifting, but I do like the lift and it would make me a bit more confident having some upper body strength. Plus, for my other athletic activities, it’d be useful in the future. I tried doing the classical lifts a lot, but figure it’s suicide without a coach because my technique on them is garbage. So in the interim before I can get some coaching/shoes, I figure (I probably said figure too much) it’d be best to gain some strength in the squat so I can have a good strength base to work off if I do start Olympic lifting. That and I want a higher vertical jump and sprints, too, so my eventual goal is double bodyweight on the full squat. I feel better doing front squats because back squats a lot of time turn into ugly goodmorningish things for me.

My prior training plan, well, there wasn’t one. I’d pretty much go to the gym planless based on how I felt and just would lift. So it’d be like “5x5, fuck that, I wanna max out today!” So that was pretty taxing on my CNS. Basically, it was John Broz/Bulgarian, just done intuitively by me. I started lifting maybe August of last year or so, and did this. So this is my first plan I’m actually really attempting, and so far so good, I feel like Superman on it, really. Some aches in the morning, but once I’m out of bed all is well. Also, it’s 3-4 days a week, which is nice. But I’m only on the “warmup” cycle right now, and that’ll end after this week.

My question is, after the warmup cycle, do I reset my max? I’m pretty sure I’ll be good for 225 or so, as my 185 was done when I was sick/feeling bad. Also, for the overhead press, is using the Smolov squat rep scheme idiotic or no? I’ve been doing overhead pressing after squatting with the squat rep scheme. Would it be better to, say, use Smolov Junior on the overhead press? How about on one day switch the standing press to seated dumbbell press with Smolov rep scheme? I figure standing press could be a bit hard on the back, but since I’m doing front squats some load is taken off the lower back.

Any thoughts on this? Idiotic as all hell for my level to attempt, or no?

Thanks very much!

(and this is my first post here, so hi everyone!)

man doing Smolov with front squat is a bad idea. because at the end of the cycle or in the middle you will have to do 5 reps or 4 reps with your 90% which is a bad idea with fs. Additionally Smolov squat is for people who are advanced to semi advanced lifter who can squat more than 2x times bodywieght. Currently just focus on increasing your triples in front squat by doing them 3-2 times a weak. Increase by 5lbs or 10lbs each weak. I am sure you will make gains.

if you want to work the front squat, smolov JR might be a better choice, shorter in duration, and slightly lower rep ranges. you can also re-evaluate your strength and set new goals much more easily.

also, spending LOTS of time on pressing will make your jerk SHIT imo.

good luck with what ever you choose.

Starting smolov at your current strength and workload is probably not a good idea. The idea gets worse as you’re doing it with front squats. Get on a solid 5*5 progression with lots of good food and sleep. Judging by your self-admission of over-training smolov should probably be left until you are much stronger and can tolerate a higher workload. check this out it has extremely good information on how to get strong, start with what they suggest for beginners (leave your ego out of it) and improve until you need the intermediate progression. This will seem like very little squatting (3 times weekly) after your Broz/bulgarian type routine but if you read the training primer you will understand why and how it works. Overtraining is real despite what Broz etc say, they just use enough PEDs for it not to affect them much.

I’ve done the whole Broz thing and it worked for a while and then i crashed. The intuitiveness of the above website will make it very clear to you which is the best way to get strong in the long term.

All right, I’m pretty well sold on Smolov Jr. now. I misread the intro-phase, so that finishes up tonight. Especially since it’s 3 weeks, I just basically wanna finish a program to completion. So, worst case scenario with Junior, I spend 3 weeks destroying myself with it.

Basically, i beleive it is retarded to not do at least both permutations of the squat. They build eachother.

Back squats make weights feel lighter, front squats get you the abs, then they emphasize your leg musculature a little differently.

I say do it. Try to be consistent and complete it. You will learn from the experience no matter if it is a success or not.