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Smolov for Box Squats

I’ve done some searching around the forums, and haven’t really found what I was looking for.

I don’t specifically train for powerlifting, but I’m trying to get my squat up.

I’ve run Smolov a few times in the past for free high-bar squats, and had great results. I’m considering doing the base mesocycle with box squats. I’ve recently been having a lot of trouble with my elbows, and it’s sometimes exacerbated by bouncing out of the hole when I squat high-bar–thought I have absolutely no pain box squatting.

Does anyone have any personal experience working box squats as the primary exercise for Smolov? Does anyone think it would be a terrible idea (for example, would destroy strength out of the hole for high-bar, doing more harm than good for my long term goals)?

I’m also considering using the front squat instead of the box squat.

I appreciate any input.

Why do high bar squats hurt your elbows? That sounds like the type of thing that you should fix, not program around.

Trust me, I’ve been working on fixing it for quite some time now. I developed lateral and medial epicondylitis about fourteen months ago, and generally my ego gets in the way of my rehabilitation: “Oh my, I feel my elbow starting to act up. What should I do today? REALLY HEAVY JERKS! YEA!” What normally happens is that when I get higher up in reps, I have trouble driving my elbows under the bar because the torque on my elbow causes debilitating pain. This is made worse by bouncing out of the hole. Because I don’t bounce out of the hole in box squat, I can drive my elbows under the bar much more easily.

I have plenty of posts in the injury and rehab forum if you want to know more about my rehab.

TL;DR: I am rehabbing my elbow, and the box squat has been kind to my persistent injury. I’m particularly weak in my hips and low back, so the objective is to kill two birds with one stone: 1) take some time away from high-bar squats to continue to rehabilitate my elbow 2) bring up strength in my hips and low back.

Bump for more input.