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Smolov Deadlift


I've read that some people on T Nation actually completed Somolov for deadlift and survived to tell about it.

I was running 5/3/1 for a while now and I was doing 10x10 as assistance work. BBB. Boring but brutal. LOL.

So I've decided to actually try Smolov for deadlift. I took a lot of my max in order to survive and not die. LOL.

I'm currently eating 3500 kcal per day. Any tips how to go about it?


To be honest, I think its a really stupid idea. The deadlift does not need that much volume or frequency to go up. What is your weight and deadlift now? If its still going up then why change things? If its stuck then there are better ways to go about getting it going again. Even if you did do it and make some gains, they would likely disappear once you got back to a sustainable routine.

I'm all for deadlifting on a weekly basis, but theres a reason why theres not a "Smolov for Deadlift".


I disagree that any gains would "disappear" after such a program, particularly if 2-3 times per week deadlifting is maintained, but even with just one hard day. However, I'm not sure if Smolov for DL sounds like the best idea - the percentages work well for squat, but might not work so well for a lift that begins in a static position. Still, I'm interested in the results gained from high frequency deadlifting, and think that it could have some potential, especially with a specifically-designed progression.
Good Luck, whatever you decide - and if you do try Smolov, please keep a log!


I am well aware that it's stupid. As Dave Tate put it "I did my fair share of stupid shit." My 1RM before 531 was 405 @155. Will keep a log.


It's a dumb idea. Odds are you won't be completing it.


Use a lower figure for your max to do it, you could survive and make some good gains.

And do a before/after measure of your forearms, too.


The best DL gains that were made when I powerlifted was when we DL 1 day per week and we were squatting 3 days per week. I you were to do that idea I'd do it a max of 2 days a week and make them mon-thurs to get the max amount of rest...Let us know how it goes...


I haven't commented on a post in a long time, but I logged on today to tell you I think you should go for it. I think people are often too squeamish about volume and frequency and that we are capable of alot more than the conventional wisdom dictates.

I was a weightlifter before starting PL, and I frequently squatted and pulled in excess of 5 times per week back then, sometimes twice in a day, and I made gains like crazy, both off and on the sauce. Nowadays, I still squat and pull 4 times weekly when I'm in-season, often with circa-max weights, and I pull in the high 600's raw.

Obviously, you should treat recovery like it's your job if you want to do this, and if you use drugs, up the dosage, but it'll work just fine natty as well as long as you are smart about poundages, rest, food, etc. Check out some of Mike Tuscherer's (spelling?) ideas for more about higher frequency training. Alot of his guys do retarded amounts of work and they tend to do very well, as do many European lifters I am familiar with who subscribe to similar ideas regarding work capacity.


Finished 3rd training session today. Feeling good, no lower back (or any other) sorness at all. We'll see.


Good luck! Please keep this thread updated.

Some questions, if you wouldn't mind:

Your starting 1rm, and what max you entered in for the program
Your current weight, height, and age
The third session you just completed-- is that of the Introductory Microcycle, or are you starting right on the Base Mesocycle?
Is it your plan to continue through to Switching and Intense Mesocycles?



Well my best 1RM is 440 but i haven't deadlifted in a long time so I was running 5/3/1 for 3 months and it dropped do 405.

Current 1RM: unkniwn. I should have tested it after 3 cycles of 5/3/1.

154 lbs in the morning 5'4'', 25 years old. I did my first bodybuilding show this year finished 4th and now I'm into off season.

Base mesocycle.

Dunno. Yesteday 10x3 just killed me. Probably because I was deadlifting on friday, maxing out on my bench (I only bench with a close grip due to shouldr issues just missed paused 265 half way up, doing tons of chins etc.) and than deadlifting yesteday again. Volume got to me it wasn't the lower back.

Picture is from Sunday. Lee Priest height and arms. :smiley:

The plan for now is just to survive the base mesocycle then it's probably of to Smolov Jr. for bench.

And yes that is Brazzres t shirt. :smiley:

current macros are 70g F 500 C 200 P


good luck! will be interested to watch your journey


Thanks! Will keep you posted.


props on the brazzers t shirt, i thought I was the only one.


Training no 2 of week 2.

7x5x130 kg.

I'm deadlifting every other day but I'm sitll feeling good. No lowerback soreness at all no trap no nothing. I'm dissapointed son! Haha.


Finished workout no. 3 in second week. It was surprisingly good considering I went to bed at 4 AM sleeping for 6 hrs only. On Monday it's 10x3 time then final week of base mesocycle adding +5 KG to all lifts.

I find it mind boggling that I can actually deadlift every other day. Before that I was convinced that it's just not possible.


10x3x145 kg went well today. Not tired at all during workout but I felt it a bit after workout. Off tomorrow then the final week of base mesocycle.


So you are taking a program made specifically for the SQUAT, and applying it to the DEADLIFT.

Seems legit. I am going to start doing John Meadows hang swing destroyers but for calves, same thing right.


Point being?


Point being= Smolov is a peaking cycle for the squat.