Smolov Bench & Deadlift

I had great experiences with both Smolov Jr and base for my squat.

I really think Smolov for dead lifts would be pretty dangerous, even if you did the percentages a lot lower than your max.

It seems a little less dangerous for bench, though I think that might just be a shoulder injury in the making.

I wanted to get some feed back though. I’m sure there have been some people on this site that’s tried both.

Wondering if it worked out for anyone. Thanks

smolov jr for bench works fine if you have healthy shoulders

dunno for dl

Read the Smolov threads, many of us have discussed its usage as a bench program.

I personally ran Smolov Base for squat and Smolov JR for bench simultaneously this past spring. Worked splendidly.

There is no way in hell that I would recommend it for DL. I would be pretty against that. but for bench yeah, do the JR because its reps are a tad different and favor bench more IMO. but it works great.

In the future I was considering doing the base cycle for the deadlift but using only 50 or 60% of my max when I plug it into the calculator. I think someone should try it and report back to us :slight_smile: … or I could be the guinea pig

I ran smolov Jr followed by the intense phase of regular smolov for the bench. Its doable, just stay up to par on your shoulder work and use 5-10% less than your max. I got 45 pounds on my bench in 2.5 months of training.

You could do smolov JR for deadlifts but not full smolov. A couple years ago did 4 weeks of high frequency (3x/week) deadlifts at high percentages and by the end I was completely burnt out. Took a week and a half off from lifting and turned my 1rm pull into a 5rm. It works but it sucks hard, especially if you dead start every rep.

Smolov for kipping pullups. Do it fgt.

Smolove for kipling pullups. Do it

Smerlerv fer kippin’ chinz

Never tried it for bench, but a modified Russian Squat Cycle for bench + accessory work (bench 3x a week plus voluuuuume) put me up 55 lbs in the bench to a raw 440 in 6 weeks. It works well. But you better be damn sure you take care of nutrition, sleep and especially soft tissue and mobility. If I hadn’t been religious about mobilizing shoulders and rolling out my delts, biceps, tris, forearms, and mid back I’d have been a tendinitis filled wreck.

Did smolov for DL. I don’t have a problem with frequent deadlifting when I am in good condition (I am currently out of condition so I do not pull as often, but still do light or moderate RDLs 2x a week for 6-10 reps). I am currently a 600 puller for reference. I added 80 lbs or so and pulled my first 500 lb deadlift after Smolov’s intense phase for DL. Did not run base because of the volume.

It was hard as fuck. I suggest using the belt for damn near everything after your mobility warm-up, and warm-up weight sets. It will save your back. Also be prepared to tear calluses. Probably the hardest thing I’ve done.

FWIW I completely believe in frequent pulling for DL. I feel like people puss out too much, but you have to be smart when you do it and THAT, I think, is where people get in trouble and get hurt. They don’t take care of their mobility and soft tissue issues until they’re raging problems and injuries waiting to happen. And they get to “balls out” tough when attempting heavy reps. Grind too much, fail too often. You can’t friggin do that with frequent anything, let alone pulling. Course, in Smolov you pretty much grind a fuck-ton because it’s so damn hard and it’s a specialization phase meant to beat you to death. But in “regular” training I don’t think you can.

Bottom line, if Oly lifters can squat 6-8 times a week, and do what amounts to explosive and HEAVY lower back and hip work every day with the competitive lifts (try supporting a snatch overhead deep in the hole. Your back will hate you), there is NO REASON you can’t fucking deadlift 3x a week if you’re smart and healthy. Yeah yeah, I know olympic style squats aren’t as hard on the low back as wide PL squats, but they do it EVERY DAY. That builds up fatigue after a while. Not to mention supporting all the weight overhead and the quick explosive pulls involved to get it there.

Smolov jr is meant for bench. I ran it last year and it did wonders. Added an easy 20lbs to my bench max