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Smolov and Athletic Performance


I am 37yo 5'11" 190 22"Vertical and squat only 206RM.

How well will translate Smolov squat routine towards an increase in Vertical Jump?

If I finish this program should I expect a significant increase in my VJ?


Well, a big squat helps the vertical jump, guess that's a fact. If you got the time I'd definitely try it. During the squat phases do some low impact jumps just to maintain your jump (and to maintain your jumping skill, something which get's lost easily), and during the switching phase, intensify your jumping. Add jump squats, maybe depth jumps. Should work! When I come back from injury I hope to try the same!


Okay, please let me simplify things for you...

Big squat + Low bodyweight + High level of explosive strength = CRAZY VERTICAL JUMP!!

...That's all you need to know really...


You could also substitute jumps with olympic lifts with moderate weights (70-79% of 1RM) or speed squats with light weights (50-60% of 1RM).

Adding bands with dynamic effort squats will provide an "overspeed eccentric" effect where your central nervous system's reflexive mechanisms can be trained... Just like the purpose of plyos.


some dynamic effort work would be needed to keep explosive, you can get that from box jumps, or if you want speed squats whatever your preference is.


please man, stay away, you've never trained for your vertical jump


When it comes to jumping high, the two most important qualities are strength and power.Strength is the basis on which power is built. Without a fair amount of strength, power can't be increased by much as you'll always be limited by your muscles' capacity to produce force.
I was training for strength,explosive power and speed in the same programm.I suppose one really good way to learn how to explode are the olympic lifts from blocks or hang, so i used these.

Also light weighed balistc exercises such as jump squat/lunges etc are usefull,too.And of course some classic strength exercises used for building strength(especially back/front squats,snatch grip deadlift,trap bar deadlift,romanian deadlift etC).
Edited - I didnt answered to your question exacly, because iv never used smovol methods' but as i know it is a high volume routine with no much explosiveness emfasis...so,maybe not so much as expected.
Just some opinions/thoughts.


hello to everybody on the forum...great forum and discussion going on..

i would not do smolov if you cant squat 1.5bw..i havent done smolov ..but have seen posts on this site about it and it sounds brutal..go with stronglifs 5x5 or similar programs...big squat certainly helps vertical jump and smolov does provide big increases in squat so it should help after fatigue go away..but sounds impossible to add jumping with this program


The switching phase emphasises explosion all the way. You can maintain your jump during the hard phases by just taking a few jumps.