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Smolov 5 Days/Week ?


Hi guys, I'm in the process of doing my training periodization for the next meet in 3 months, I want to improve my squat and DL, so I'm thinking in Smolov, my problem is that the routine needs 6 days in the gym and I'm only have access 5 days because the gym is closed on sat and sun, does anyone how can I deal with that, how to adjust the Smolov to fix with my 5 days??



Smolov is a 4 day a week program.


The base cycle of smolov "only" requires 4 days a week. You may be looking at the introductory cycle. That one's not really important, it's just something to help people who perhaps haven't squatted in a long time get warmed back up.

In the base cycle, you do need a rest day after the first two of the four though, which makes things difficult because your 4 workouts a week are over the course of 6 days (so we're back in the same boat lol).

I suppose you could try doing Monday, Tuesday, then rest Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, then rest for Sat. and Sun.


Smolov base-meso for squat is FOUR days a week for a three week period week rest and then max phase

There is then a two week period where you lift three days a week (switching phase)

Followed by the 4-5 week intensive phase where you still only squat 3 days a week.

What smolov are you trying to run that is 6 days.


Only the first week of the intro cycle is like this. Three straight days of squats followed by three straight days of lunges. I didn't even bother though; I went straight to the base cycle.


Yes I know smolov.

Assumed he would know the intro is not required since smolov clearly states it.

Therefore I came to the conclusion that he found a bastardized version.


Yea for sure man. I think a lot of people miss that bit about intro being optional.


Smolov is 4 days a week, M/W/F/Sat ..

However, many people turn it into 3 days a week... M/W/F for 4 weeks instead of 3, because it is far too grueling for some to handle.

6 days?wot


Smolov Base-meso*** is 4 days a week. It is important to distinguish the different phases of Smolov when making comments on the program.


Yeah, what I tried to say is that I don't have access to the gym on saturday and sunday


Thanks, this is what I'll try :smiley: