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Smolov 3 Days a Week?

I cant train on staurdays, has anyone done this routine like this…

Week 1

Monday: 70%x4x9
Wednesday: 75%x5x7
Friday: 80%x7x5

Week 2

Monday: 85%x10x3
Wednesday: (70%+20 pounds)x4x9
Friday: (75%+20 pounds)x5x7

Week 3

Monday: (80%+20 pounds)x7x5
Wednesday: (85%+20 pounds)x10x3
Friday: (70%+30 pounds)x4x9

Week 4

Monday: (75%+30 pounds)x5x7
Wednesday: (80%+30 pounds)x7x5
Friday: (85%+30 pounds)x10x3


Monday: off
Wednesday: off
Friday: work up to near max single

Anyone do this, how were the gains?

Might be better in the strength fourm…anyways why can’t you lift on saturday? You could try intense meso, its 3 days a week. You’ll prob fail and not make good gains though, why not stick to something normal?

There’s a Strength Sports forum for this type of stuff.

I work out at school, only open during week days.