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Smoking Testosterone Prop?


after using test for about 4 years, I have recently been looking in to other possibilities for administration other than IM, ive seen SQ, intranasal, transdermal, rectal, pellets, sub lingual and probably some im forgetting. my question is would it be possible to smoke raw testosterone powder or a solution like an electronic cigarette containing propylene glycol


ummmmmmmmmmmm......... Imma say no


I couldn't see why not but I also couldn't see why you would want to.

It would depend upon whether you can get the molecule suspended in a vapour and whether the molecule will stand up to the heat required to vaporize whatever solution it is in.

edit: I dont suppose you would want an esterified prop version of test to be administered through the lungs and throat membranes. The only feasible reason for administration like this is ease and speed of delivery, it seems a couple tokes a day would be the whole idea.


No. Smoking goes to bloodstream via lungs...then through liver where your test would be destroyed almost entirely... then nothing left to use.
That's why it's an IM versus IV.
Also... don't smoke random things... let someone else realize it kills you before just attempting...

My 2 cc's




I must have had around 300 injections in the past 4-5years and just getting tired of pinning, I have used so many injectables, prop, enan, sus, deca, masteron, tren e, tren a, hcg, ghrp2, ghrp6, igf1, cjc, epo. test enan my favourite.

ive been researching different delivery methods for a couple of months but none really tick the boxes I need, high rate of absorption with a good carrier, low trauma, ease of compounding. transdermal with dmso is cheap and easy to prepare but there isn't really any good evidence to show it has a high rate of absorption and dmso is reported to cause bad smell on your body and taste in your mouth.

intranasal, also no strong evidence for absorption and not a whole lot of info on compounding a preparation (hpbcd and saline solution seem to be the way to go though), sub lingual same as intranasal, pellets not really considered because of the very mild surgical implication and more probably invasive than IM, rectal, no real info on absorption or compounding, the german suppository being the only source for info.

Lasty SQ, I have been doing SQ for my past few shots but don't feel it working at all, and don't like the feel of the knot under my skin for a few days after


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Don't smoke it when you can snort it, if you want bigger boogers.

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I was under the impression that heating it up to the BP of the solution would just vaporize the solvent and leave the test behind. You would need to heat it up enough to vaporize the test, which would be quite a bit hotter.

If you were to even attempt this, you would need a quality (read: expensive) vaporizer in order to control the temperature precisely. The molecule probably wouldn't be stable enough to handle it anyway.


If the test was in a solution it would change the properties, it possible that the PG once at bp would carry over some test in the vapour, similar to how essential oils can be extracted from fruits, the fruit skin of lemon are boiled in water and the vapours condensed, the condensed liquid will separate in to two layer limonene oil top, water bottom, even though the reaction only goes to about 100*c and oil boil at a much higher temperature it still gets carried over to the condenser, very similar methods are used all other and in the pharmaceutical industry. I suppose a trial to see if It actually works in that fashion could be done before actualy inhaling anything


I don't know about the smoking thing, but I can save you the time with DMSO and other
transdermal (androgel) and carriers (phlogel).
Absorption is low, although phlogel works great with Tren.

DMSO and test base did nothing for me except raise my ALT and AST from mid 20's to
high 70's.


Diabetics have to pin insulin about 1000 times every year. Get the fuck over it, what's wrong with you?


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Along these lines, just use slin pins and stick to IM injections. Slin pins are completely painless. It's more of a hassle loading the pin / cleaning the injection site than it actually is injecting. Quit being a pussy.


Chemically impossible. Snorting could be viable, but for the love of god why!? Backload slin pins and get in the habit of doing it first thing in the morning, you wont even feel it...


Seriously 300 pins in 5 years is 60 a year that's 1.15 injections a week??? Your bitching about this??? 300 pins in 4 years is 75 a year at 1.45 injections a week. Shove a tampon in your pussy and get the fuck over it. There are guys who run a Test Prop cycle with GH for 12 weeks who damn near get your numbers and then they run 2-3 times a year. Hell look at guys Pinning GH and Slin fucking daily for a year at a time and that's not even counting there standard AAS cycles. Get the hell out of here with your winning.


Have you thought about rectal insertion? It's an oil, you'll save tons on lube.


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