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Smoking Pot and Doing Cardio


Alcohol has negative side effects, but if you smoke pot and then do cardio, does that negatively affect you?


I dunno what pot your smokin, but if I hit the green there aint no way I'm doing cardio.


Dude, doing the pot makes my cardio sky rocket, it's like proven by science or something, promise. Plus it helps me stuff my face.

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Lmao. I'm laughing so hard now. Fuck!




I heard if you smoke pot during cardio you really SKY rocket. It takes a little while before you stop spilling the water from the bong during the HITT sessions, but it's worth it.


heroin has negative side effects, but if you smoke crack and then do cardio, does that negatively affect you?


I'm here for the free crack give away...


Why don't you just do the cardio and then relax with a nice vaporizer session?


Because if you smoke before cardio, it is like drinking a double shot before taking twenty minute nap. Extra energy. Except now it's like extra nap time. I prefer to do my cardio after some lines of nose candy.


Yep, any mention of crack and out comes the whores.....


That is stupid and a waste of ganja. I've smoked (Sherman MCDs) and tried to live this lifestyle and my performance was impacted tremendously. I advice against any form of smoking.


You really need to take a drug to have a good workout?


Hmm i smoked up many times before cardio. Some of the best highs i've had. Running by alot trees with a clear blue sky and a breeze blowing. Some of the best most zoned in cardio ever. Hey, works for me, to each their own.

And no i don't have to take a drug before cardio. I wish people fresh from the DARE program wouldn't talk About things they don't know about.


You'll build a way better physique and live a better life without using drugs on a constant basis.
Try it out and see how it impacts you.




Funny how off base you are. I know Self made millionaires who smoke whenever they can, cops, and business owners left and right.

Grow up, give yourself time to develop and in time you will see the truth and not spew BS like this. You sound like a child reciting DARE campaign slogans.


Gregus why are you so angry?

With "Try it out and see how it impacts you." I meant that he should try doing it with and without drugs and draw his own conclusions.
Of course you can use drugs (well except heroin). If he likes it more with drugs than without them why not?

Just to be clear I did not mean to advocate "straight edge" or prohibit drug consumption.
If you have it really under control > no problem.


at least someone here is on the same wavelength. Just because something clearly makes something better for A SPECIFIC INDIVIDUAL, doesn't mean they HAVE TO take it, just means they observe that it actually makes it better


Seriously, this should be stickied.