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Smoking Cigarettes on Cycle

First a bit about me 29 male about to start cycle end of the month not my first but iv been off for about 2 years before that I had done 4 cycles I’m 5”10 177cm tall weigh 88kg 194lb pretty lean on the fat side of things have got just visible abs but not cut I have been training various different sports and such over my entire life Boxing from a very young age to body building and even had a couple powerlifting meets most recently im following my own kinda powerlifting program there is a meet coming up halfway through year and I’d like to compete I enjoy it so I’m going to a cycle to see what I can accomplish I’m running Dbol for 4 weeks test e and Tren e for about 12 -14 weeks got caber Adex and nolva for pct I Just after some solid research or personal experiences with smoking i don’t smoke much maybe one a day or even every couple days it’s somthing I enjoy I don’t drink much anymore but do enjoy a smoke to relax sometimes in the evening it Varys sometimes I won’t smoke for a few weeks sometimes I’ll have a couple one day or maybe one every couple days it really depends on how I feel i know it’s bad and it dose me no good but iv been able to smoke like this for years iv been told that it hinders recovery time but other then the standard things we know about smoking what issues could it bring while in cycle or is there any other things iv missed with training and ect

Cheers lads

Didn’t even read any of that. QUIT SMOKING, Weak people smoke. There are no benefits.


Jesus christ, learn basic punctuation before you dabble in advanced endocrinology.


But think of all the cigarettes he can smoke with the time he saves not typing commas and periods.


Ohhhh, y’all must be the fuckers that complain to management when I deadlift with a cigarette in my mouth. :laughing: Bastards.


Reading original post triggered my tourettes.

to be fair, if you’re really doing that, then that’s pretty fucking badass

In all seriousness, I dipped for 20 years. It was extremely difficult to quit. The last few years I did very similar to what you are doing where I would go sometimes days or even a week at a time with no nicotine and then sometimes I would dip a whole can in a day.

I use to dip like you for 22 years. I went to SNUS cans by skoal. Feels like safer alternative. I just gut it, no crap in the teeth or a need to spit.

Seriously not one god damn comma or period?
I smoked my first joint when I was 14, cigarettes started at 18 and Iquit everything when I was 25(32now) so im not being sanctimonious when i say smoking is just stupid and revolting.
Just stop being a little bitch and dont do it. It helps you relax? What does that even mean? Sit down listen to music, go for a walk or some other wholesome shit instead.
You dont smoke 1 or two cigarettes a day forever. YOUR NOT GOING TO WIN just quit now before your hitting a pack every other day or worse.

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Yeah if it was like 405 or heavier, and they were lifting it with ease, I’d be pretty freakin impressed to see someone do that. I don’t smoke but once my deadlift gets higher I might need to do it once just for the picture.