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Smoking Cessation vs Self-Destruction


Whats up guys?

I've recently moved off to chiropractic school, which is going real well so far. I've always sort of walked the line between clean eating, hard lifting, and self-destructive (but entertaining and enjoyable) binges of alcoholism and heavy cigarette smoking.

Lately I've cleaned my act up a ton and have favorable body composition changes following rapidly. I've always been able to "quit" short term, but sooner or later always find myself smoking again and was wondering if anybody has any tips for long term adherence? Thanks for your input guys.


I quit smoking a year and a half ago. I smoked because I was addicted.

Why do you smoke?


Ill be the first to admit;its all about image.


The first thing you need to do is find out why you smoke. Is it because you're addicted to the nicotine and it has a calming affect, or because you have an oral fixation, or because it's a social thing, etc...Some people only smoke just to have something to do with their hands.


I've found its a great way to procrastinate. No matter what I have to do, or any daunting task, I can put it off with a smoke. That and its something to do out of boredom. Seems to me the first time I stopped, i used to chew the hell out of coffee stirrers. I'll give that another whirl, along with just getting stuff done "now." Thanks for the input guys


So, next time you want to procrastinate, jerk off instead of having a cig.


Throw out all your lighters and ashtrays.

Clean your house if you smoke inside, this means vacuuming, dusting/wiping ash away, washing all your clothes, and air freshening. Make it a pain in the ass, so if you smoke in the house you just undid a bunch of hard work.

Do the same for your car, wipe down everything, air freshen, and vacuum.

Brush your teeth every time you feel like smoking.

After the above is taken care of, avoid buying them and you are pretty clear. You will be tempted to get a pack every once in awhile, but stay strong and don't.

The hard part then becomes socializing with people who go for a smoke every hour and of course going out for a night and getting hammered.

Stay the course man, you'll feel so much better, perform better, and probably look better.

Don't worry about it affecting body comp either. The people who get fat after quitting are those who eat a bunch of crap and sit on their asses for recreation.


The biggest challenge I found was not smoking when drinking. Since I very rarely drink any more, that solved that.

Try not to hang around smokers too much either.


Very awesome response. Much appreciated, that sounds like a perfect way to spend saturday. I'm gonna kill it. thanks guys.


I used grizzly for about 8 months i switched to using Swedish snus which is not good for you but alot less harmful then other forms of tobacco. After about 4 months got a lower nicotine snus then just stopped. worked perfect for me.


Budget how much you spend on ciggies and then think, in 3 months if you don't buy another cig, how much nice food, and awesome supplements you could buy!


Lots of great advise here.

I used the patch to ween me off.

I also found that a good 30 - 60 days sobriety from everything was essential.

Cig free since april 1st


I quit chewing snuff right after this past Thanksgiving. I did it pretty heavily for about 7-8 years with a few breaks here and there. I quit because I just lost my desire to do it. And the extra $20 a week in my pocket is nice too.

I quit cold turkey. Now that I quit, I'm horny as hell and I'm driving my girlfriend nuts. She probably hopes I'll start chewing again just so I'll leave her alone.