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We all know that cigarettes are bad for our health, but what I’d like to know is what does smoking half a pack do to my training? Also what about the occasional joint, anyway if anyone has any answers to this questions I’d sure appreciate it.

Yes. Smoking is bad for your training.
First, You are inhaling smoke with contains very bad chemicals and CO (Carbon Monoxide) with bones with the hemoglobin in your blood where it stays for at least 72 hours. This reduces you ability to transport oxygen to your muscles.
Secondly, it constricts your blood vessels with does the same thing.
Thirdly, it coats your lungs with all kinds of carp, you see that yellow stuff on your windshield, you know the stuff you have to scrap off with a razor blade, the stuff that bleeds through that fresh coat of paint you just put on the living room wall, cause the last people that rents your apartment were smokers.
Best of Luck.

It depends on the tempo you use when smoking. A 401 tempo isn’t too bad but a 111 is.

One of the worst things about smoking cigarettes is that they release the stress hormone cortisol. Cortisol is shown to break down muscle and increase fat storage. Also, smoking makes ur thingy limp ughhh…
However, there are a few advantages to smoking, but the disadvantages outweigh them. Nicotine has been shown to be thermogenic, actually one of the best ones out there. Also, cigarette smoking does elevate hGh levels, which probably is why so many smokers look lean or slim.

It makes you ask stupid questions like this.

an article on kilosports a while back showed no real difference in gains between non tobacco smokers and tobacco smokers. half a pack aday htough is definately not gonna be good for your health.

The occasional joint won’t hurt you, but half a pack a day of fags? Yeesh. Who cares what the effect is on your training when you’re poisoning yourself?!? Get a clue.

smoking = poison = decreased cellular growth. I’m sure there is information out there.

Does anyone know of any supplements or exercise protocols that can speed the recovery of lungs after giving up smoking? I’ve heard that swimming can increase lung recovery speed due to the increased mosture inhaled during exercise but that is just hear say and has no facts to back it up that i know of. I myself have smoked socially (when i have a beer in the other hand) for the last 10 years which has been less than half a pack ‘a week’ but now feel that it’s time to give up completely and reap the rewards of better health. I can definately say from personal experience that smoking at any volume will be detremental to your overall health and will have an impact on your training…it has mine! I would also say that if you smoke the occassional joint you are still feeding the addiction to nicotine that all smokers suffer and that a clean break from all smoking would be the best option.

“Try benching 6 feet of earth… in the dark !” Vince Gondira

what is it with this spate of horseshit posts like this one lately? Yeah, beer is a great substitute for DNP, the more donuts and french fries you eat the better your abs and weed is difference between a fat guy with 14 inch arms and a pro bodybuilder. happy now?

Great quote, but it’s “Gironda”, not “Gondira”. :slight_smile: