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Smokin' Hot Guns!!


From the author:


Ummmm is that the before picture?


So help me someone better post a pic of a Stainless Steel Sig 226 or I will kill a Dove with a baby Seal.


I had to google it I had no idea what you were talking about.


Bless you, saved me from a murder rap


I'm so Canadian I had no idea you were talking about a gun I thought maybe I was googling some BBer. I was all excited. lol

You're welcome. :slightly_smiling:


I thought someone made a thread about me. Oh well.


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Swole arm is swole. I am impressed. I'm ordering the book and will review later.


Did anyone else notice the Amazon recommendation for what to buy along with this book?

I had to take a screen grab. Awesome. 37.03, not a bad deal though...


Why don't you bend over Push and I'll show you what I can do with my gunz.



Dude you just Shakeweighted the thread. Now it will get closed!




So there's this gym chain called Planet Fitness...




Gotta love those Amazon reviews. If only I had know the importance of Exercise Tolerance; I wouldn't have wasted so many years in the gym.

Frakking bodybuilders and their misinformation!


It would be great to have "Trainer X" in this forum and see him battling Professor X in all threads related to arm size growing.

I bet Professor X didn't know about this exercice tolerance thingy!


We need some StellyD on this thread.


magicman and trainer X are the same person. He reviewed his own book.


Is it possible that Trainer X is Professor X's white skinny guy alter ego? He gives out advice on how to get huge here on T-Nation, but that doesn't pay anything so he writes a book so he can pay the bills.

  1. Make up an exercise term called "exercise tolerance" and write a book about it
  2. Come up with a pseudonym and google a skinny white guy's arm
  3. ???
  4. Profit