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Smokin' da' weed and lifting

“they were so shiny”

Dude, I don’t know about smokin’ and THEN training, but a few of my bros do smoke. They never go to the gym with a high. They always smoke before and/or after their workouts.

All I know is, when they had the munchies, lookout! They gained a ton o’ weight when trying to bulk up, it was SO easy to put back all that food. I musta been stupid, I always bulked up the HARD way LOL.

you snorted ketamine and then worked out?? what the f dude. you’re batty!
the last time I did k I thought I was a couch. lol. oh man drugs are kooky - good thing I got to lovin’ the “clean” life. you could only be the emperor of ancient egypt or chased by elves that looked like the sarge from full metal jacket so many times…you know what I’m sayin.

Yeah, weed is great for focus. Meth is an excellent fat burner as well. And if you want to dull the pain of an intense leg day, nothing works like PCP. You’ll break your legs before you feel any pain! Toss back a few qualudes to help relax and get that all important sleep and you’ve got yourself a perfect supplementation routine.


muslhed1171 :
NOw you can just people you have a body built by drugs haha…When i go out and girls ask where i got a nice bodu i just tell them that im on the body by Vodka program…

I lost it on AceQHounddog’s post

a little pre workout regime of mine is this:

smoke .5gm of primo weed
take 32mg ephedrine
take 300mg caffeine
one 45gm protein shake
one sloppy blow job

it will add intensity to any workout!

Personally for me, if I wanted to use pot to help working out I’d have to smoke right before starting, if im high and I get moving(or forced to move lol) I can keep moving forever(it would seem) but if im sitting on my ass when it(the high, even if its a weak one) hits me then im staying on my ass.

IMO There are alot worse things you can do to your body and your life than smoke a little(everything in moderation) pot, and if it helps you workout and you’re seeing better gains than when you do not use it then why not.

“Why would you go to the liquor store for twinkies and ice cream?”

In states like California.
Convenient stores sell liquor as well as all the other snacks, sodas, magazines, etc.
I understand the confusion though. I live in Washington State now and they have those Government run stores that sell ONLY liquor and must be 21 to enter.
So whenever I tell people in Seattle stories about me taking my allowance to the nearest liquor store as a kid, they get all confused and think I started drinking in elementary school.

As for this topic. I just recently quit smoking weed but everytime I’ve tried to do anything stoned, it was a disaster.
Lifting, cardio, wrestling, boxing.
The most physical thing i can do high is carry a fast food tray to a table or play a video game.
I had a friend that was a great wrestler that used to get high before practice. It didnt seem to affect him and he claims it helped him. So I guess it’s individual.

i’ve tried it before a ME bench day, the warm up sets felt heavy as fuck but the 1rm sets went great. it helped me visualize my muscles lifting the weight and keep a clear head

Interesting. My horse vet is always being harassed in the gym about getting Winstrol or EQ for someone. However, whenever he has had a break in at his surgery, which happens a couple of times a year, they always just go after the Ketamine.

Right Side Up,

The twinkies and ice cream are because I totally lose interest in lifting, get the munchies and just want to play Madden on the PS2.

Weed is an intoxicant. It makes you high. The free weight room is a dangerous place. You can get seriously hurt in there if you are not careful all the time. You can hurt someone else just as easily. It is not a good idea to get intoxicated and engage in inherently dangerous activities. Those of use who have suffered a serious injury in the weight room (not tendinitis but broken bones etc) know it is not a place to fuck around high.

Have you broken bones in the weight room?
Just asking.

I have no idea where these people rationalize the “weed helps me focus” thing.

I remember getting high and going downstairs then forgetting what I went down there for. Or watching a TV show, then during commercial, forgetting wtf I was watching.

I also remember that when I smoked weed, it seemed to make my heart race for about 20 minutes. This went along with the initial paranoia.

Tin man,

Have you actually ever smoked weed?
It sounds like you are reguritatting something you read in a text book.
The odds of hurting seriously injuring yourself while being high is probably pretty low.

i never broke a bone a bone but i almost crapped myself the first time i
tried to squat 405. hehe.

as the great nate dogg once said: SMOKE WEED EVERYDAY!!!

‘I have no idea where these people rationalize the “weed helps me focus” thing.’

along with “the munchies” the incredibly short attention span is more of a newbie thing. when i used to smoke (get random tests now) i would get tunnel vision and could focus really well on one task, whether it be playing video games, sports, the guitar/piano or doing my homework granted i wasn’t way to fucked up to move