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Smokin' da' weed and lifting

OK people. This is a serious question and I’m not bullshitting. I was wondering if anyone here has smoked a little weed before training. I know there are going to be a ton of responses that are totally against smoking weed and I realize that by opening this can of worms there will be some brutal verbal annihilation.
The reason I ask this is because I had a friend a few years back that was a competitive bodybuilder who swore by taking a few hits off a joint before his squat days. He said he did it to increase his concentration and decrease the likelihood of getting nauseaus on his extreme leg training days. Skeptical, I decided to try it a few years back before chest training and have to admit my focus was much better as were my lifts.

I am in no way advocating this but just wanted to see if anyone else has experienced the same results.
BTW, greatly increased my appetite too;)

My friend has a cousin that was a competitive body builder in the late 80`s,he swore by smoking before grueling workouts. As for me I think it would have the wrong affect and i would just want to leave and eat…

I don’t really smoke anymore but I’d occasionally smoke before lifting as well as running. I always liked it because it dulled the pain of the workout and I felt I was more focused and could push myself harder. That’s just me. If it works for you, do it. Couple puffs of a joint isn’t a big deal. Some people tire out when they smoke and some people get energized and focused, I’m definitely the latter.

Why do guys that smoke dope always think their concentration is better while everyone around 'em knows that they’re fried. Drug induced self delusion.

Do a search. This has been debated 647 times. The final answer is simply that if someone wants to smoke dope, he is going to. You don’t need our approval.

i am not a pot head and for good reason. the last i smoked pot i ended up eating 12 ears of corn and a bottle of nutella. anyway I don’t see anything wrong with smoking a little pot before you workout if indeed it helps you focus your workouts.
different strokes for different folks…i doubt anyone here is the picture of moral purity. so let’s not start tossing stones people.

I’ve done it and it just doesn’t work for me. Usually end up at the liquor store 15 minutes into my lift looking for the twinkies and ice cream.

But if it makes the heavy work feel better to you, blaze that shit up.

You guys are seriously cracking me up! 12 ears of corn, bottle of nutella, twinkies and ice cream? That is seriously funny. I’d say that the pot could do some damage to the nutrition program. :wink:

Like others have said… if it works for you… why not?

I would think many would prefer not to do hard work while stoned and would rather be vegging out somewhere…

Doesn’t THC decrease your T? Not good.

Why would you go to the liquor store for twinkies and ice cream?

I still 420 after work and workouts, but never before. I don’t think I would make it through a workout if I did. I tried it once in College before football practice and I was totally spaced out for the first 30mins of practice. Just my 2 cents.


When you do a max day on bench press, and end up forgetting to lower the bar because you are in the middle of a giggle fit…

I mean, if your workout is going to be all iso-holds, then go right on ahead. I got way too distracted when I tried that when younger…

I was just trying to get a concensus on the whole idea.

Interesting question

I used to smoke weed a fair bit back in the day and I just found it sapped my motivation and my strength.
I just didn’t feel like exerting myself. I would probably just give up when the going got a little tough and cut my workout short. I find I need the aggression in the gym to lift, and weed certainly doesn’t make me aggressive.

But IF it works for you then why not? For me it is the last thing I would want to take before a workout of any kind!

I thought the same thing until I tried it. Workout was good but have not done it since b/c I like to be aggressive and not regressive.
I think the main reason he did it was that leg days were extremely brutal in the way that he trained and it fought off the nauseausness(sp?).

It seems like some people are missing the point,I dont think what anybody had in mind was to get totally ripped before lifting,just a few hits to “take the edge off” so to speak…Atleast that is what i figured from the original question

Stoners have the BEST physiques.

Dan “Gravity Bong” McVicker

Using the gear and blazing up a dooby -

Musclhd, your workout’s are almost entirely drug induced.

Funny shit bro!

(you’re right)

Man, I tried that once and never again. Of course, the guy who talked me into it smoked like cheech and chong. I would have been fine with just a couple of puffs, but no, we had to finish a blunt between us. I remember going into the gym and the girl kept asking for my membership number. I had no idea what she wanted from me and my lifting partner just kept laughing b/c I was so spaced out. Then I remember staring at the machines thinking “wow, they’re so shiny”…and then I got real paranoid and was like, shit, everyone knows I’m stoned, crap, crap, I started thinking everyone was plotting against me, so we had to leave. That’s why I don’t get stoned. lol

Of course, there was the time I snorted ketamine and worked out. I swear it added 30lbs to my DB Inc bench, it was amazing, but wasn’t too smart. I’m lucky I didnt’ go into a k-hole and drop a db on my foot.

well, that was all many years ago in my “experimental” phase. Back when I thought I was invincible…lol