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Smoke Pot in Santa Cruz


Santa Cruz lifts anti-smoking ban for smoke-in...



Now, if the rest of the country would do that.


That is news that Santa Cruz ever had a ban. Could have fooled me.


Wow, what a great victory for low lifes and perennial losers everywhere!




I really hope you were too lazy to click the link and didn't realize that this was a medical marijuana rally.

God forbid a patient suffering from chronic pain would chose to smoke relatively non-addicting and cheap canibus instead of relying on addictive and expensive opiates prescribed in pill form.


yeah cause no one succesful has ever touched marijuana. get real.




Agreed, that was an ignorant post.

Something akin to this happens in Boston every year, though the attendees, rather than medical marijuana consumers, are the people that our holier-than-thou friend was goodly enough to refer to as "low lifes" and "perennial losers" (because that just sounds so much more thoughtful than just "loser!")

The Boston Common will load up with people who hang out and smoke, there's a stage erected with speakers advocating decriminalization and legalization of marijuana, and the Boston Common will spend the day "smelling funny."

What boggles my mind though, is that police officers will stay stationed outside this public park on foot and on horseback and wait until something like 4:00, just watching people smoke. Then, at that time, they'll enter and start patrolling the park, telling people to snuff out their joints or go home. Weird.




are dumb until they grow up.


The problem with medical marijuana (which I support)is that too many doctors give bogus scripts to "low lifes and perennial losers", thereby spoiling it for those that actually need it.


I work with and know many people with cards (scrips). I wouldn't call them "low lifes or perennial losers" Some of them are very talented and successful with great personalities. If you knew some of them also you would probably agree with me.


Legalize it all the way then and thereby avoid this problem.


You're an idiot.



Probably the best solution.




I think that they should legalize all drugs. On that note, I would never do any and I think that people who choose to make those things their habits are low lifes and perennial losers, regardless of what they've done with the rest of their lives.


Jefferson, Freud, Marc Aurel, Lewis Armstrong, John Lennon, Charles Dickens, Edison...


What did you achieve in your drug free live so far?


I think you take my 'loser' comment the wrong way. Not saying you can't be a drug user and do remarkable things, but I think that if you are addicted to substances you are a loser at some level and with some facet of your life. To me that means I would never date or befriend that person. To me, relationships with good people are an important part, if not the most important part, of life.

I'm pretty content with my drug free life.