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Smith vs Regular Incline, Does It Matter?


So,my goal is to increase my ohp

On my volume days,after doing high rep overhead press,I decided to put some incline afterwards for high reps again.Since the goal of me doing incline is putting mass on my upper chest and shoulders and I’ve already done overhead pressing with the barbell,is there any real benefit to free weight vs smith incline

The reason I think of using the smith machine is cause
1.My gym’s incline sucks,so I’d have to set it up in the only rack with adjustable hooks,which is kind of a pain in the rear
2.I secretly think smith machine might be fun


I don’t know if you saw my post in the challenge thread, but I did some smith incline yesterday. I have precision soreness in only the upper portion of my pec. Purely anecdotal, but I think the incline done on a smith machine after other heavy pressing is awesome.


Just saw it.How high of an incline do you prefer?


My preference is anything between 15-45 degrees. Again purely anecdotal, but anything higher feels like shoulder and triceps only.


Gotta.I feel the same way.Especially since I intend to do incline after overhead pressing,I’ll probably stick to a 30-45 degrees


I do same pattern ohp, incl , flat all on smith machine, lifesaver. I tore half my left pec bench press 12 yeard ago. Already back to 335 for reps on ohp, allows me to train around injury. I have found a way to use bands on smith so i can , overload triceps again.
But for pure development dumbbells as you f have to stabilize weight more. Unless you’re like me and range of motion is limited.


I have no injuries or even pain at any area.The reason I did not chose dumbbells is cause although I make rep prs weekly overhead pressing for high reps( I overhead press twice per week one light one heavy) I get too fried and stabilization becomes an issue


incline smith is awesome


When i did standing ohp for high rep, it seemed like right below trap would start to cramp up,after around a dozen reps unless very light weight.
Also with heavier weight the back of right knee, would hurt.
At my age you take note to exercises that hurt .

Kevin levrone had some of the thickest shoulders, (to compansate average clavicles ), used smith ohp press as staple in his training

My coach used to have me put bar on highest pin in power rack, squat under bar with arms locked out, then stand up, move bar 5 inches or so, before ohp. Which is the equivalent of doing a heavy walkout before squat attempt. Anyway awesome exercise made the ohp weight feel lighter.
So yeah i totally unstand.
Good luck


Thanks for taking the time to write all the extra stuff,they were an interesting read


Zydrunas Savickas has said before that smith incline press is the best exercise for building his overhead press. If it’s good enough for him it’s probably good enough for everyone else.


Since you brought up big Z,check out this guys



He made that look so easy, this is the video I remember seeing


What the hell is up with his body?


A combination of being short and 330 lbs I think


What I took note of is how crazy flared the elbows were. I would never do that with free weights. Not to that extent.

But maybe it’s not so crazy in the smith machine. I bet you could make a much better mind-muscle connection in the smith machine.