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Smith Machine


I'm sure most of u know it's hard to find another person devoted to your goals as much as you are at my gym i have a smith machine i use it for my bench, and squats for me the idea that i can push my slef to the limit and not have to worry about droping this massive weight on my body just wanted some insight on the mahcine casue it does limit your range of motion


No one around here likes it.

I personally use free weights...and would slam my dick in a door before I used a smith machine for bench press. But that's just me. Maybe someone else can give you a better technical answer of why these machines are the defintion of "suck".


Before the thrashing on the Smith machine begins, I'll give you this to read:

I am a newbie, but I have learned that people here hate that machine.



I have to agree on this. With the smith machine you are primarily focused on pushing the weight and not necessarily using any of the other muscles required to stabilize the weight. Alot of your strength gains will come from the stabilizing muscles being taxed as well as the major muscle group you are focusing on. Get a rack with adjustable pins and set the stops just before the bar would touch your chest when unexpanded. that way you can work heavy, get a full range of motion and not worry about getting squished like a bug.



I think using a Smith machine with heavy weights is probably one of the quickest ways to get hurt. Can you say imbalances/weak stabilizers?


good point makes since bullpup i will shit on the smith machine at tommorws workout


What the fuck did he say?


If this guy isn't a foreigner, then some teachers have a whole lotta 'splaining to do.

If he is, carry on.


but, but, but... the latest Muscle & Fitness says if your legs are tired the smith machine is best for squats...


I'll take the advice of a MAGAZINE over some forumites any day



I wipe my ass with muscle and fitness when I run out of toliet paper.Thats the only reason it's in the bathroom.

Freeweights are the only way to go.

The best use for a smith machine is the following, clothes rack, dust collector, pinata rack, gutting rack if you like to hunt, and it works real good for hangin the floor mats from your car when you wash them, also if you set the locks high you can use it to hold yard tools,( shovels, rakes, and brooms)



I agree, however I just find it rather humorous that in an article exclusively about Arnold's training, they decided to tell the readers how effective the smith machine is at "balancing the weight"