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Smith Machine vs. Rack Squat?


Well today I started working out at the gym...and I start with the 20 rep squat routine. well the trainer says I should use the smith machine...because its better for my knees and back. He says, all of hte trainers are starting to lean rowards the smith machine. What do oyu guys think is best to use? Thanks for the help


Smith machines are no good for 20 rep squats, too easy to cheat. Then there's a fixed RoM which probably isn't good for you (it's completely straigh) and then there's the lack of stabiliser use in smith squats


You can tell him TDog305 says hes a dope


Do a quick, simple searh on this site and you'll soon realize the only thing a smith machine is good for is causing injuries later down the road. Oh, and it's good to use as a coat rack.

Stay away from the smith machine.


just remember this...

smith machine...BAD :frowning:


remember that


The smith machine will help you grow a nice fresh vagina and give you the urge to watch oprah while petting your puppy named 'sasha'.

Even t-vixens distain its use(lessness).

Check out the article on 'uses for a smith machine' to see what you can really do with it, apart from steal its plates and hang your hoodie on it.

Squat racks cure cancer and make your junk longer, but not wider.



What many gym-goers don't realize is that the Smith Machine was originally created for Physical Therapy rehabilitation purposes as an introduction before the person was able to maintain and stabalize a weight during certain exercises.

Much better off just using free weights in a rack.



Wow, is that true? I never knew that. I remember about 2 years ago I bought a gym membership at a gym that didn't have a squat rack.. just a smith machine (I should've checked out the place before I bought the membership!) I remember going up to a fairly 'big' (lightbulb) guy in there and asking him if they had a squat rack 'hidden' away anywhere. He told me, "Oh no! I wouldn't do squats without using a smith machine - too dangerous!" LOL


My wife had never touched a weight in her life. She started working out with me a few weeks ago and I taught her the goblet squat on the first day. She now squats ATG with perfect form and adds weight ever workout.


Stay away from it, young Anakin.


Has anyone heard about the latest Smith Machine called the Jones Machine? It's supposed to solve all the issues with the linear ROM of the regular Smith Machine....in which case it would be a pretty darn good piece of equipment...all the benfits of safety/security/single person going to failure etc without the limitation of a linear Smith Machine??? http://www.bodycraft.com/