Smith Machine Rows

Im a big fan of Smith machine bent over rows. I load up the weight and make sure to get a good stretch at the bottom and squeeze at the top. I have only seen a few people do this and usually get looks from other guys like what the hell is he doing.

I do love regular bent over rows for sure but like to switch it up now and then. My back has grown for sure by incorporating this movement. Anyone else use the Smith machine for bent over rows?


One aspect I always liked with using the smith for rows was being able to really angle my torso over the bar, with no concern about balance or tipping forward, and pull the weight low into my waist. When you really nail the movement, there’s almost no arm contraction, just a serious back squeeze like you wouldn’t believe.


I totally agree Stu! You can really squeeze the back on that movement.

As a squeeze and stretch kind of movement, absolutely. As a main strength and mass builder, probably not. I would do these maybe third in a back routine. I don’t see them as very different from a seated cable row.

Great movement…at my gym the stops are set at 14", so you have to stand on a box for Full ROM.

I actually like doing these in a 1 arm row variation.

[quote]FISCHER613 wrote:
I actually like doing these in a 1 arm row variation. [/quote]
do you stand sideways to the bar?

I like these, but they put strain on my lower back.

^^ Yes I stand sideways. On page 7ish there is a video of me doing them with 185

Edit : Page 5