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Smith Machine and Forearm Pain

I recently purchased CT’s and Anthony Robert’s new book, and am following the first phase of the training plan, which calls for cluster set bench and closed grip bench presses on a smith machine. This was the first time in years I had used the machine for these excercises, and I noticed someting immediatly.

While training with a load that is around 90% of my 1rm, I felt a sharp pain in the forearms after racking the weight back. This pain seems not to come from turning it, but rather is noticeable when I rack the weight and the pressure on my wrists and forearms goes from whatever weight I am using, to nothing, instantly.

Has anyone else noticed this pain when racking a weight on this machine? By the way, I am normally as anti-Smith as anybody, however, I am incorparating them as I am trying to follow this program to a T. Thanks.

Sorry, dude. Close-grip BB bench always killed my wrists. BB, for that matter, kills my wrists. Try some close grip db bench.

They recommended Smith machine? They musta been sniffing glue. ROM is all wrong. It ain’t natural.