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Smith Machine 1.5 Squats - Wow

Was bored the other day looking up articles on leg workouts and found an article Paul wrote about using the smith machine and in particular 1.5 squats. Gave them a shot yesterday and felt like my legs had just been tortured. Soreness today is something I haven’t felt since my highschool football 2 a days. If you’re looking to switch things up I’d highly recommend giving these a try. They’re a lot harder than you’d think.

Yeah they suck in a really really good way.

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The first time I tried these I was going to write a very similar thing.

I had just squatted AMRAP and the leg press machine was busy so I though this “would do”. I put 60kg on just to test the water. I expected to blow this out of the water.
Yeah that was a mistake.

The only reason I don’t do these now is I’m following a VERY prescriptive squat program with no room for manoeuvre on accessory lifts. However they remain my favourite lower body lift for high reps. I can’t wait to get them back into my programme.

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