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Smith Carry-Over


So with my small chest, the one thing drastically holding my physique back from actually looking really good. I opted to try something new, 15 degree smith inclines as seen from John Meadows. But like everything else my chest hasnt made any leaps and bounds from it. Although I have gotten progressively stronger. I think I started it at around 235 and now am doing 275x7.

I was debating switching back to regular 45 degree free weight incline. But I am still progressing weekly on this. So i am not sure. What do you think the carry-over from this to free weight incline would be?


You seem to be asking two different questions/making different statements here.

If you're chest is a weak part, then what you should be asking yourself is if the smith presses are helping bring that up.

If you're worried about getting stronger on free weight pressing movements, than focus on that.

Two different goals here. Nothing wrong with that, but you have to decide what you want from it.

That being said, if you're getting stronger on this, and are still also doing free weight movements, my guess is that you should also be progressing on those. However, if you have switched entirely over to machines and do no more free weight movements, you probably will have lost a bit simply due to not strengthening the stabilizer muscles necessary to lift free weights.


Im doing

smith incline
BB flat
DB Incline

Although my BB flat and DB incline have stalled the past few weeks. I havent gained much weight so that might be why. Although my smith incline is still going up every week.


Generally, I don't change an exercise while I'm continuing to progress. For chest I prefer 1 exercise with the bar and 2 with D.Bells. If I was scheduling 2 bar movements I would go bar/bell/bar. I think ending every chest day with a couple of sets of push-ups to failure is a good idea for lifters that believe their chest is lagging.