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Smith Bench Easier or Harder than Free Weight?


I did some bench throws today on speed day. I also tried 100kg on Smith machine I could only do one rep easily. This was after doing 13 x 100kg on the Free Weight Bench. I have seen some people lifting 180kg for reps on the Smith machine. I always thought it would be significantly easier. I assume the bar is 20kg too.
It seems it is quite hard to get the bar out of the bottom position.
Anyone here found Smith machine easier or more difficult. It feels crap too.That said it is good for Bench throws . I jarred my elbow doing them today though.

I scheduled for another mesocycle of Eccentric benches soon.


The bar is counterbalance on the smith, normally about 15 pound of weight, but significantly more inertial resistance. Typically more weight can be done on a smith where you do not have to stabilize anything. They just aren’t the same exercise though.


Bench throws are good but you fucked your elbow up doing them? A smith bench should be easier because the weight is stabilized but also in a fixed plane, if your goal is increasing powerlifting numbers don’t worry too much about your smith machine 1rm.

…again with the eccentric everything