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Smile, Sarah.... Smile ...!


I was just going to ignore this and then I read it… LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!! :laughing:


Now you are trolling.

Science seeks objectivity.


Kind of. I am not, by any stretch, saying Hitler was a believing Roman Catholic.

But he did put on a big show about being Catholic for the crowds. There are lots of photos of him having ceremonies in various churches, (going through the motions of) taking communion, etc.

Again, all theater.

And, yes, a number of Catholics were outspoken critics of Hitler, but there were also a fair number who went along with the whole thing.

There’s a number of interesting articles about it, sadly mostly with a strong anti-religion bend, but weed out the chaff:



In the 30’s Hitler fooled a lot of people including a lot of Americans. He was Time’s ‘Man of the Year’. Henry Ford was a big fan, etc.
But you cannot fool all of the people all of the time. The church was also instrumental in saving many from the holocaust.


I have another historical source regarding this as well if you need it.


Ford was not fooled by Hitler, he was an antisemite who helped spread the protocols of the elders of Zion.


Here is another source from someone who has no love for any religion. …


I said Henry Ford was a fan, I didn’t say he was fooled.


You did say he fooled a lot of Americans prior to mentioning Ford and Time magazine.


Yes, so?


I’m sorry, I sometimes forget your English is terrible at times.

And Hitler fooled no one. Mein kampf wasn’t exactly ambiguous.


My view of Sanders is probably changing for the negative on a daily basis.

While I don’t think that any “spokesperson” for Trump will fair any better than Spicer or Sanders…its probably time for her to go.

Was she supposed to last to the end of the year?
Anyone know?


Why is it time for her to go? Did she actually slip up and tell the truth? Did she develop a conscience?

She’s truly deplorable, as is anyone who would do that job the way she (and Spicer before her) does it. A Baghdad Bob, but without the excuse. Post-WH, I hope she receives the opprobrium that has rightly befallen Spicer of late.



I think she is losing it…


Why leave? Showing the fake news liars for what they are is a dream job.


This is a much easier task if you don’t lie constantly and feed the media ammo the way Sanders/Trump do


To the ppl with Trump Derangement Syndrome, everything he and Sarah say are lies. That in itself reveals their duplicity.

The Left would be far better off by agreeing with at least some of what he and Sarah say. They would appear to be more objective and rational. Instead, they have Maxine Waters as their poster child.


Not everything. But objectively, a scary amount of it.

Do you have a specific example in mind?

Really? Not gonna lie, I’ve never understood people’s (the right) obsession with Waters. She’s never actually come up in conversation with any of my liberal acquaintances. Plenty of other Dems, but so far never her.


Or did the right portray Waters that way? I bet most Democrat voters don’t know who she is.


Also true for lots and lots of people who don’t have TDS. Because they lie. Prolifically.

Nope, Maxine Waters is who right-wing moonbats want the poster child to be, so they try to speak into existence, but it isn’t true. As @zecarlo says, I’d wager very few Democrats even know who she is.


Of course, in fairness, not all the untrue things spoken by Trump and his surrogates are lies - they’re just idiots who don’t know things normal people do: like that Ireland is not in the UK or that you don’t need photo ID to buy bread and milk down at Safeway.