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Smile More... It's Anabolic!


reduces cortisol... I'm in on this product! :-))))


We need to figure out how to bottle smiles and sell them


I'd buy your smile any day <3


Uncanny timing. I read in the last few days (I forget where - probably on purpose) that grimacing and snarling at yourself in the mirror increases testosterone production.


Smiling? I'm fucked.


i~m trying to smile all day long now.


I hope you know Rock is a guy.


x1000 pretty sure I lost the ability


however anabolic, a slight smile on your face whenever you enter a room/situation is good habit (and even more applicable if you're single)




This just isn't true.


ROTFL.. the Irish man denies it. Oh well, a cultural thing. IF he's even Irish.
Maybe he's Scottish, so I can mock his skirt.

Just keep smiling.


Does intense grimacing with heavy teeth-grinding count?


I thought we had something special here.


Whoaaaa...less of the skirt talk. It's Scotland not Skirtland.


Nope, your lips must be pointed upwards at the ends...of course, since I can only see one pair of your lips, perhaps you are doing it right somewhere?!?


Id fuck hallowed so hard. By the end it wouldn't even be sex anymore. It would be me crying and apologizing to her ass and promising to never stretch it out like that again.




Then we woukd have ice cream


No smiling for you, man of false hot avatar!!!!11