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Smiddy's - 2017

I started back lifting in January(?) and was doing well with a push/pull split. Wel, my son who is 26 decided he wanted me to workout with him and after about 10 weeks off due to health issues, I just finished the third workout.
Decided it’s a good time to log stuff here rather than post to over 35 Lifter forum (I’m 47)

Today, 6:4/17
Assisted Dips: 15, 12, 20
Inc DB Press: 35x12, 40x10, 30x15
Pec Deck: 40x20, 30x30
DB raise: 25x15
Shldr Press machine: 50x12
Rear Delts w/DB, leaning over incl bench:
Seated Rows; 40x15, 50x12, 30x30
Rev Grip Pulldown: 50x15, 70x12, 40x20
EZ Curl: 40x15, 30x15, 25x20
Tricep cable press: 60x12, 80x 10, 50c20
Crunch Machine: 50x50

This is 3rd consecutive day and I’m sore as hell! No matter cause I’m doing alternating upper/lower body daily until I can’t any longer.

My nutrition needs work to increase protein so I’m going to buy some Biotest protein next payday along with Surge and creatine.

The “real” food right now consists of mostly egg whites, meats, ostmeal. I am drinking 2ga water/day,

Have to say that although the soreness is intense, that pump after lifting is great! Felt like my pecs and biceps were going to burst thru the skin today, and yesterday when I worked legs it was a challenge to get to the locker room, Actually managed 385/12 on the Hammer Strength leg Press and weak as it may sound to some, for me it was an accomplishment especially since it was the fourth and final set :slight_smile:

K, ya all take care!

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FYI: Had an issue months ago with sleep. I just don’t care about it and having to shut down for it pisses me off. However, it’s paramount for muscle growth so I accepted that I need more than 2-4/night. To that end I started melatonin at 15mg/night on my wife’s advice. Am currently using 25mg and I sleep like a rock 6-8 hrs nightly now.

I know full well if I stop using it, it’ll be right back to 2-4hrs sleep so will continue. Only concern is my wife says one should take a break from it intermittently. Said it can cause depression. Guess if I notice depressive symptoms I’ll know why and what to do. Until then I’m sticking with it.


K yesterday was good imo.
Here’s the workout. Note that this was 4th in a row because I wanted to recondition a bit.

Cable Crunches:
30/20, 40/20

Weighted Sit-ups:

Crunch machine:
50x50, 30x100

Upper Chest Press Machine 1 side at a time:
Cable Crossover(low): 5x12

Seated DB press:
10x12, 5x15

Front Plate Raise 10x15, 5x5
This felt great in the traps. Thx T-Nation!

Rev Pec Deck
10x12. 10x50

Leg Warmup–>>
Leg Ext. 50x12, 40x12, 30x12
Ham Curls (light)

Hammer Strength Leg Press:

208x12, 298x10, 388,x8, 438x8, 488x6, 538x4, 298x10

Calf Ext. 50x12, 70x10, 90x10, 110x8

Obviously I need work on the shoulder press, hence the low weights. I’ll get there dammit!

Was happy with leg press!

Taking today “off” except for a bit of ab work.

Surprisingly no sore legs today. May be tomorrow.

June 7, 2017

Ok these weights are puny but I swear I tried as hard as I could! Just note that although sone of these are marked with a 2s up, 4s down tempo, all movements were at this rate with full ROM.
The damn loads will come up.

Smith incline bench
95x12, 95x10, 95x8

Incl. Flies:
10x12, 15x10, 20x8

Low Cable Crossover:
5x12, 10x6

CG Rev Pulldown: 27.5x20, 50x15, 80x12, 100x10

Seated Row:
55x12, 70x10, 55x12

Front Plate Raise:
10x15, 25x10

EZ Curl (2s up 4s Down)
20x12, 40x8, 20x15

DB standing tri ext:

Tri Rope Press:
30x16, 40x14, 20x20

So I had to hit shoulders today cause yesterday didn’t cut it. Was s’posed to do legs this evening but my missus needed me home and she trumps all.
Here’s the workout:

Press Behind neck (Smith Mach):
45x12, 65x10, 95x3

Face Pulls:
20x12, 40x10, 20x15
First time ever doing these.

Rev Pec Dec.
20x15, 30x12, 50x12, 70x10, 30x25
Probably need to take start weight to 50 & do a 12, 10, 8 increasing 20lbs each set.

Back Ext Mach:
30x15, 70x15, 110x10
Figured this was a good idea on what ended up being an irregular day. Can’t say I liked it much but that’s all the more reason to keep them.

k here’s the last few:


Seated Press Behind Neck - (Smith Mach):
45/12 65/10 95/3

Face Pulls
20/12 40/10 20/15

Rev Pec Deck: 20/15 30/12 50/12 70/10 30/25

Back Ext Machine
30/15 70/15 110/10

Cable Fly (low) 5/12


Weighted Situps 30/20
Crunch Machine 60/30 35/50
Leg Ext 50/12 40/12 30/12

Incl DB Fly
10/15 20/12 30/7

Leg Ext 60/12 40/20

Ham Curl 40/20 30/20

Hammer Strength Leg Press 348/8 438/6 528/4 298/16


Flat DB Bench: 45/6 35/10 30/10
Flat DB Fly 25/11 30/10
Assisted Dips Offset lbs/reps

Front Plate Raise 25/8 10/12

Rev Pec Deck 40/12 60/12 80/10 40/25

Lawnmowers 25/22

Triceps V-Bar Press 30/112 50/10 30/20

EZ Curl 40/12 30/12 20/16

Pec Deck 40/20


Weighted Situps 30/20 20/30
Crunch Machine 50/50 40/101 :

Assisted CG Dips 170/12
Assisted CG Pullups 170/12
Leg Ext 50/20 40/25 30/30
Ham Curl 40/15 30/25 20/35
Hammer Strength Leg Press 208/12 298/10 388/8
568/4 -->>>_over 600 next time :slight_smile: _

Just doing the workout today required some intestinal fortitude - that needs exercise too anyway! The weights used reflect my trying to get a good session in without using amounts I couldn’t handle today. After legs tomorrow I dang well may take a day off, bad as that sucks and I don’t wanna!


Flat DB Bench 20/12 30/10 50/3
Inc DB Fly 25/12 20/12
Assisted Dips 160/12

Front Plate Raise 10/12 25/9 10/15

Pec Deck 40/12 50/20 70/12
Rev Pec Deck 40/12 50/20 70/12
(_Since I was using the pec deck for both movements, I just alternated with zero rest between movements then 45s between sets :slight_smile: _

Low Row
(straight Bar) 55/15 70/12 40/20

CG Rev Pulldown 55/12

Asst Wide Pullup 160/7

EZ Curl 30/12 40/10 20/20

Triceps Rope Press 50/8 30/20


Hammer Strength Leg Press 208/12 388/8 478/6,
618/5, Frickin’ elated to get reps at this weight!
Calf Extensions 70/15 60/20 50/20
Leg Ext 70/12 80/12 90/12
Ham Curl
60/12 40/20
Seated DB Press 20/10 25/8 25/8
Front Plate Raise 10/10 25/8 10/15 ***Will try 45lb plate next time
Back Ext Machine 60/15 80/20
Crunch Machine 50/50 40/150

06/14/2017 - Morning

Pec Deck 40/12 80/12 100/10
Inc DB Press 30/10 40/8 50/1
Inc DB Fly 20/12 25/10` 30/8
Assisted Dip 145/15
Skullcrushers 40/12
Triceps Rope Press 35/12 50/10
Pec Deck 100/10 120/8
Fwd Plate Raise 10/10 25/8
Crunch Machine 50/101 70/30 *Note: Stopped due to shoulder cramps

06/14/2017 - Evening

Wide Grip Pulldown 70/10 100/8 120/6
DB Row 50/8
Assisted Wide Pullups 160/15
Cable Row 70/10 100/8 140/4
Standing DB Curl 25/5 20/7 Xxxxx
Seated DB Curl 15/10 10/16 5/30 (Tempo 2-4-2)
Assisted Rev Grip Pullups 160/8

I’m frickin’ elated to have gotten the leg press weights I did today, and the front plate raise. Didn’t know if I’d even get one rep with a 45lb plate so getting four made me quite happy!

Here’s the log for 06//15/2017 (Morning)

Hammer Strength Leg Press
208/10 258/10 528/6 618/6 668/4 258/12
Calf Extensions 80/12 100/10 110/10 130/10

Ham Curl 70/12 80/10 60/12

Seated DB Press 25/10 25/8 20/12

Front Plate Raise 10/8 45/4 25/8

Reverse Pec Deck 40/20

Back Ext Machine 80/12 100/12 120/10