smelly protein bottles

Sorry if I have posted this in the worng section. Can anyone give me good advice on getting rid of the horrible smell that lingers in the plastic powerade type bottles that I use for my protein shakes? I know that with the water containers that I refill at the supermarkets I am sposed to bleach clean it occassionally. But that requires drip drying and that would mean I would need many plastic protein shake bottles to use while they are drying. Even rinsing the shake bottles out right away doesn’t get rid of the smell.

Use soap.

Why would you not be able to use a wet bottle? Aren’t you just going to put more powder and water in it later? If you’re worried about clumping against the bottle just add the water first.

No getting around it, you have to wash those puppies with warm, soapy water after EACH USE otherwise they will smell like pure unadulterated ass

Those bottles are pretty porous, so it will pick up the smell pretty fast. There isn’t really much you can do short of bleaching it.

Those Nalgene bottles are better - much harder plastic. Eventually they sucumb to the smell too.

I think the real key is washing out - or at least rinsing out your bottles after each use. Don’t let the remnants sit in there to fester.

Thanks for posting back PGA. I thought that with bleach cleaning the idea with drip dry is to have it dry out completely from air. I always do put the water/milk/fruit juice in first to avoid the clumping. I have never used soap to clean out bottles. Please explain further how I do that as the soap wont fit in the bottle :slight_smile:

wtf are you talking about? if thefreaken thing stinks throwi it out and get another one.

hell, ive used the same plastic water bottle at the gym now for about 2 years. never washed it once and it sure dont stink.

if its a bottle you’re keeping at home, go find a nice big glass one (one dollar at dollar store), that solved the same problem for me.

shaker bottles are a must. the top screws off and you can get inside and clean every crevice with a sponge. no two ways about it. nalgenes don’t work for that because the protein WILL stick and you have to find a way to get that crap out, which is almost impossible unless you have a special brush or something.

Just get a shaker bottle and put it in the dishwasher. My tupperware cupboard is filled with them.

When my thermos’ get to dirty I use baking soda and hot water and leave it in overnight. That cleans all the crap off, not sure if it works on plastic though.

I use nalgene lexan pint bottles. I only have two. They don’t build up any smell that lasts after a trip through the dishwasher.

Heck, I like the smell of pure unadulterated ass. My shaker bottle smells JUST fine.

…if not, listen to P-dog and just buy a freakin NEW one.

I love those Nalgene bottles but if u forget about them for a day and protein becomes “stuck” to the side good luck trying to scrape it out w/ a fork(the dishwasher will never get the protein “scum” off the inside once it settles)

I fill them with hot water and a few drops of dish soap and let them sit for a few hours and then toss them in the dishwasher. I’ve had to rewash them maybe twice in a few months.

invest in a shaker bottle or wide mouth container that you can get a bottle brush into.

This sounds far-fetched, but I read a blurb in a magazine last summer that cautioned against reusing any supermarket-type plastic bottles that originally contained water or sports drinks, etc. The bottles are intended for single-use only, and toxins in the plastic purportedly leach out into the liquid inside if reused. If the smell in your unwashed bottles doesn’t scare you away from them, maybe this will!


I have the solution:
a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda (baking powder) and some warm water.
put lid on… shake.

should be fine! -if not repeat.

It works!

Thanks for the help guys, appreciate it. My nutrition lecturere told me about not reusing the bottles years ago. The bicarbonate is also suggested by the supermarkets where I refill the water jugs, but they also do suggest a proper clean every few fills too. I think I might go with the dollar shop suggestion. Thanks again everyone.

Wide mouth bottles are great.Anyone ever get a Dicken’s Cider.It now comes in a big wide mouth bottle.My girlfriend just loves a big Dicken’s Cider wide mouth.Comes in a can also.She REALLY loves a big Dicken’s Cider can.She just can’t get enough Dicken’s Cider. :slight_smile:

I have to agree with P-dog…throw that thing out. And seminole makes a good point too, just invest in a shaker.
This applies as much to your love life as it does protein bottles: If it stinks, dont eat it man.