Smells Like Fish

From the thread on thermoses and lunch containers, I see I’m not alone in bringing fish from home to eat for a convenient meal.

It seems as if every time I sit down to eat, though, every other passerby seems obliged to comment(usually with a horrified expression) on the smell of fish. Perhaps its a product of eating something other than poutine in high school, but it’s become ridiculous. I’m tempted to find something else, but it just wouldn’t be the T-man way to give in. I chew a piece of mint gum afterwards and have no trouble with fish breath, but I’m still halfway between bringing a fan to piss people off or letting the pervading attitude of “trans fat smells good and what the hell is that dead, legless animal you’re eating?!” get to me and eating something else.

Anyone ever face a riot whenever they decide to eat?

I say bring the fan.

Of course people comment on your food choices - but then they also seem to comment on how much weight you’ve lost or how good you look. Isn’t amazing how they can’t seem to make the connection?

Sour grapes man, They are being assholes because they are jealous of your commitment to health. Its easier to look good if no one excels instead of trying harder they want to drag you down. DON’T LET THEM! FIGHT THE FATTY AGENDA!


Every fucking day.

I’m an IT consultant who moves around different workplaces often and so I’m always the new guy (with smelly fish for lunch).

Fuck 'em.

Being from the states, I completely forgot what poutine was and thought you were talking about something dirty there. Especially with all the fish talk. Then I remembered it was fries with cheese curds and gravy. And of course that made me throw up in my mouth a little.

Reminds me of Jim from “The Office.”