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Smells Like Bull...

OK, I am normally the first person to dismiss most of those “books” by so called muscle building “Gurus”. However, I do not go back on my word.
On of the guys that I weight lift with (im actually pretty much training him) keeps asking about this book, and if I think it would be useful… Now I asked by who, and he said Nick Nilsson. Sounds familiar, but doesn’t ring an immediate bell. So I dismiss it. But, he got me to agree to ask around, and so I said I would, and figured this would be the best place to do it. Have any of you purchased this… Its called “The Best Exercises You’ve Never Heard Of.” By Nick Nilsson (www.fitstep.com/Bestexercises/bestexercises.htm)

Even the name sounds suspect to me. IF they were that great, they would be more popular. But, I am giving it the benefit of the doubt, because this type of thinking is not always productive. I thought the same thing before, before reading a few of Pavel’s books. I had never seen or heard of a full contact twist or saxon side bend, but they are two of the most effective movements I’ve ever used.


honestly, it looks for matt fury-ish.

i personally wouldnt buy it…ive had bad experiences with books from online…that you cant look through before you buy…

[quote]ZachDelDesert wrote:
honestly, it looks for matt fury-ish.

Actually, while Matt Furey products do have plenty of hype (not as much as the “Evil Russian”) some of his materials are quite good.

Yea Zebbie, and pavel’s books and vids are also good. Overpriced? Maybe. But, worth it IMO. As for hype and gimmicks? “T-man” anyone? If it sells, use it. Isn’t that what the capatilists say?


IL Cazzo