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Smelling Salts for Waking Up

Lately, I have had a real hard time getting out of bed. It doesn’t matter if I just slept for 6, 7, or 8 hours. I always take another 60 minutes or so to get out of my bed after my alarm or after first waking up. What’s weird is I don’t get tired at night anymore. I usually hop in bed at 11pm or midnight not being tired at all and when I could stay up longer. I do fall asleep within 30 minutes though. I have really good energy throughout the day except first thing in the morning. I was thinking of keeping smelling salts by my bedside table and using them to get out of bed. Some may say that I’m just lazy but this is something new for me and I still do my workouts, go to class, work, etc. Only problem is getting out of bed. Suggestions and advice highly wanted. Thanks.

i find that a good slap in the face usually works for me.

You might just need 9 or 10 hours of sleep, some people do, especialy if overtraining.
Take some L-phenylalanine B6 and C before you sleep

You may be developing a sleep disorder.