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Smelling Salt


I've kinda been curious about inhalants as a training aid. Can someone tell me what the point of the salts/amonia is? Is it strictly for singles because I've only seen it on 1 reppers.

Just curious....would it have the same result for someone following a bodybuilding style set up?

Sorry if this is a stupid question buuuut...gotta ask.


Ammonia has found significant use in various sports â?? particularly the strength sports of weightlifting and Olympic weightlifting as a respiratory stimulant. Quoted off wikipedia. I've never used it, sounds like it helps with breathing a bit?


Thanks for that. I came across the same wiki entry too. My goal here was personal experience though.

Good looking out, Teddy. =)


I love it.

It gives you a jolt and tunnel vision.


I use it occassionally for a big 1RM, especially when squatting, it clears my mind and I don't think when picking the weight "oh **it this is heavy"




I love it. Get some nose torque -- great stuff. I've never tried it for anything over a three rep max though, so I don't know how much, if any, good it would do on a higher rep set.


Occasional is fine. Im usually more suspicious about things like this, mainly due to being in the medical field. It can cause severe respiratory issues like COPD if done frequently but thats if you do it every workout for a while. I see some idiots do it for low intensity/low volume sets. Keep for the max effort training.


I use it on PR attempts. It's like getting a bucket of cold water thrown in your face. Definitely a jolt to your nervous system but in a good way.


I usually use it only at meets, for 2nd and 3rd attempts. It's like a nice hard slap, only inside your head instead of outside. its awesome :stuck_out_tongue:


Can't imagine using it for more than a PR 1 RM. Like right before going on the platform. Definitely shocks the brain and clears the breathing passages.


I tried it for the first time yesterday. I think I was pussyfooting around too much b/c I didn't get much of jolt, but it sure cleared up my sinuses in a hurry and made it easy to breathe. I'll try being more aggressive with the smelling salts next time.


For me, it burns like a bastard and it's comparable to getting smacked in the face...just the pain and the rush of it.

It's something to experiment with during training to see if it can help you on gameday, but it's not something you should use on a regular basis otherwise it will lose its' efficacy.


Its like being shot in the sinus.

I bust 2 caps, cup them in my hand, and inhale for 15-20 seconds off and on, then explode with intensity.

Love the stuff.


I fucking love'em. Really gets you psyched up when you need it.




Definitely not for use in a bodybuilding setting. Unless you were doing an insane drop set like in the Meadows leg press article, I'm not sure it would have much benefit. It really does work for 1 rep maxes, just don't use it every training session. I've used it for my last squat and deadlift PRs.


I love them.


Went through a box of them and didn't re-order any. It actually throws off my concentration and burns the fuck out of my nose... if you try it out, I think you should break one open on a day your not training, just so you can know what your getting into.


I'm thinking I should keep them next to me during long car drives lol.