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Smell Like Gasoline After Workouts


I dont know what is going on with me lately, but after a hard workout I smell like gasoline. I have not been around gas and this has been happening since i have been cutting. It is so weird, has anyone ever heard of something like this?


you're a machine baby


Is it possibly ammonia like smell? I have heard this can be caused by ketosis? I'm a pirate not a doctor.


Fucking like.



I think part of it is that the body starts to use protein as an energy source.....


Yeah! That's it that's what I remember.


Someone will come up with a very witty one-liner about it and it's not going to be me.

Come on brain, think harder.


Could it be that means he's DIESEL?


Or he could have a brain tumor.


Oh yeah? Well when I come home from work I smell like rocket fuel.


I bet he's having some explosive workouts

heh heh heh.


Well, if you're a pirate, where are your buckin' ears????


your cutting to much, eat moar.


Kerley smells like baby oil most of the time...at least his right hand and daddy parts do ~

or so I've been told....


because i lube up the ass of all my wimmnz..

true story, this is the internet after all.


My poops sometimes smell like ammonia; which I think might be caused by ketosis as well.

Sorry, probably TMI.


Are you feeling the burn?


I smell like gasoline after I have gone to the strip club.. Maybe it's because I intentionally spill it on myself to cover up the stripper smell!



Im not joking it could be a brain tumor.