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SmashinWeights: How Do You Train?

So you’re a big dude, let the members of Tnation know a bit more about you. 6’1" 230lbs that lean is nothing to scoff at.

Training history?


More pictures would be nice as well, showcasing your entire physique

Any info you have on yourself, let us know!

He’s 6’1???

Awesome physique man

Holy moly, I’m honored.
I am out with the family now but will post soon!

I am Smashingweights

You do look like a tank, dude.

But, really… how u hyd ur p3n0r s0 gud?

[quote]SteelyD wrote:
You do look like a tank, dude.

But, really… how u hyd ur p3n0r s0 gud?[/quote]
I am big boned lol
That side pose is a bit deceiving
I’m wide :confused:

Yes would love to hear this.Smashingweights Is big and lean, a great build for sure.

[quote]Smashingweights wrote:

[quote]SteelyD wrote:
You do look like a tank, dude.

But, really… how u hyd ur p3n0r s0 gud?[/quote]
I am big boned lol
That side pose is a bit deceiving
I’m wide :/[/quote]

Excited to see some more pics!

Thank you all for the support!
I love the Comraderie here on T Nation.
Some might even call it an Internet Brotherhood.
That may sound corny but it’s the Iron that unites us all.
More pics to come!

Before I get home and get started on this tribute thread I would just like to issue this disclaimer:

Some of my training methods/philosophies and nutritional babies may seem odd or a little “out there” to some but this is what I have found that works for me. I am also big on metaphors and visualization. its a powerful tool. Please no flaming

My love of the iron started at a very young age.
My father owned and ran a bodybuilding gym in a relatively small town.
I grew up around chalk covered floors and the clanging of freshly racked iron.
I feel in love.
My dad showed me the ropes and I feel like I have been lifting for as long as I can remember?
If I had to pick an age range for starting I would say 6-15 probably?
I was always a big kid and seemed to have an affinity for weights.
I used to look up to the guys from the gym as well as Spider-Man lol
I always wanted to be strong like those guys.
I also got into working out to look good and get girls.
I wasn’t doing it 100% for girls but more so as a means of creating myself into the man I wanted to be.

I was very much into Greek mythology as a young lifter.
I used to envision myself preparing for an epic quest.
I specifically remember the day that I attempted my first 500lb Deadlift.
I envisioned that I was on a quest awoken on the dawn of the third day, at first light, and scaled Mount Olympus. There I found my bar loaded up and I pulled it.
After climbing all that way, mentally of course, how could I NOT lock out that Deadlift?
It wasn’t a matter of if.
I HAD to.

Here is an photo that is a little older. I don’t k is what I weigh here but it’s less than now obviously

In for this gem. Excited and I like different methods. Obviously since mine are so stupid but I love them

As far as training goes I was on your typical body part split for as long as I can remember?
I ate as much as any growing teenaged boy would, chugged protein shakes before and after the gym and trained hard.
I constantly had “big” guys pushing me.
I focused on becoming stronger in the big 4 while pushing myself on assistance exercises.
I trained, I slept, I ate and then I trained again.
I couldn’t get enough!
Fitness is huge for me and I’ve often contemplated starting my own website but I’ve decided to share my experiences here with the masses.
I hope this is the sort of thing that you wanted?
I don’t want people thinking that I am just writing random things and not putting in the effort.

Here is another photo I found.
It is a back shot from the same day I took my avatar photo.

Ok, so as I said I don’t feel like I chose this life, this life chose me.
As was previously stated I was on a standard BP split for most of my life.
I built a good level of strength, 350+ bench and 500+ squat/dead lift but I felt like my physique needed something to take it over the top.
This is when I discovered the most controversial training philosophy that I hold near and dear.
Close to my heart.
Muscle Confusion.
I know what you are thinking, I was skeptical at first as well, but I’ve done it.
It works.
One of the guys from my fathers gym taught me his ways and I was AMAZED by the results!
Sometimes I will start benching and just kick my feet up and do bicycles.
People look at me funny but it doesn’t bother me.
I know what works for me.
I also used to work out with that guy from the gym and he had this computer program.
We called it “The Scrambler.”
It would spit out random exercises and sets and we would just do em!
We would SMASH em!
Sounds crazy but it seemed like it wouldn’t repeat an exercise in forever!
This was honestly some of the most fun I’ve ever had in the gym and consistently I noticed some of my best gains.
If you don’t love what you do and you aren’t having fun why are you doing it?

<this is where my disclaimer comes in ;)>

Here is a straight on shot from the other day.
I told you I’m big boned Steely.
Look at how wide that waist is?
Those hips don’t lie.

So with that being said, my training is somewhat sporadic these days but with a focused plan.
I like to classify it as “controlled chaos” lol
Friends think it’s weird and makes no sense (it has been compared to cross fit programming lol)
But it worlds for me.
I still lift heavy and MOST IMPORTANTLY I make sure I dominate the weights and they don’t dominate me!
Controlling the weights is where it’s at.

If anyone has any lifting questions send them my way.
I will move on go nutrition now.

Ever since I graduated high school I have been bet meticulous about my nutrition .
My philosophy is “If it Fits Your Macros”

The other day at work we had a little party.
Did I eat a ton of chips and guacamole?
You bet!
Did I eat two big brownies?
You bet!
Was I so full I felt like I couldn’t breathe?
Yoooooou bet! Ha ha ha
You know what I did?
I adjusted my macros for the day and subtracted the added carbs from what I was going to have that day.
I actually went to the movies that evening but couldn’t have popcorn because it didn’t fit my macros.
You know what I did?
Snuck in a couple grilled chicken breasts and got my protein on!
A mans gotta eat ya know?
Track your macros, of it fits it fits!
I’ve been known to post numerous food pictures on my social media sites, lots of burger and ice cream.
I just make it fit my macros but I guess it just exposes my inner fat kid that is screaming to come out.
Nutrition 101, SmashingWeights style.