Smashed Leg with 500lbs Barbell (srs)

I was deadlifting it for reps and after the final rep I attempted to throw it down like a badass but missed (lol), and it landed about 4 inches above the top of my patella…RIGHT ON THE QUAD. YUM! My femur and patella are both safe, but the tissue…not so much.

I limped it off, let it swell up and was petrified about the idea that my patella was severely damaged, but in time, I realized that was the least of my worries. After 3 days (incident occurred on Sunday), my range of motion is greatly improved and the pain has subsided to almost nothing, however half of my quad (lower quad obvs) is semi-numb and the wound has shown very little signs of healing.

The swelling has only gone down marginally. My instinct tells me this cut is gangrenous. I will have pictures up in a minute of before and after, but I’m hoping the aforementioned symptoms are somehow enough for somebody to give me an idea of what happens when a 500lb barbell collides with your quadricep.

I think this post was just me admitting I need to go to the doctor…

Will post updates as I’m sure this is an alluring predicament.

well this was a fun thread. good luck with the recovery.

Turns out my femur and patella took the blow like a champ. No fracture or break, but there’s a gnarly amount of fluid in there so I’m on antibiotics and such.

So much for a cool thread. Appreciate it Sir Flip.